Twisted Insane
The Ward
Verse one (C.Ray)

Hit em up with the brainsick
Come with the murder kill em all get em for the capital kill off of when the flame with
A couple of mental patients
Incredible cranium lookin for somebody better get on up on a replacement
Flagrant flame to the mic they will hate all labor when the n***a doin right with ya hands
Talking their head all hyped for yo brand
Fuck around it and i bang it take a life by your strand
But they're not concerned with whats underneath it the street's hella deep when they came from the sewers
Til they pop up with the staff that'll crumble that ass into rubble we're takin no bloopers
Supervillain i can really kill em with the venom but they scared of what the rhythm might do
And i dont wanna do because im trinin and im finna fill the weed up in the bong and hit it with the knife too
And I'm finna deliver the venom kill em Im finna pretend to get em up in and let up the ink that would fill up bend em in half
Suffer the wrath then whip the grin and tell ill be givin her mass
Im inside a bottle crystal rock i provide ima glass
Of the nectar
Stand a man of steel Like a superhuman general the last of my sector
The part of a solo stop on the tongue watch you n***as run through this shit for fun put that ass on the stretcher. Brain!

Verse 2 (Z)
Brainsick in dissections promp in the carcass talkin to sorks and they live for the boo
Walk with the martians screws on loose get stumped in the Porsche and skin tsu tsu
Sit em in the booth and i chop em up into food
When out for the wither tools
Abominable but a shoe
Y'all don't rather talk about gryther but dont food
If it happens to go through
Well back up we're gonna chew
Stomp on the block so brainsick godly this underground truth
Click the tip to run through
Hammer to the tooth
I'm damn fresh to talk to
An aqua let loose couldn't have em to build mood
Truthfully I'm not easily and often amused
Cause the majority is usually just copies and dues
A chopper that's foosin
No comprehend losin
Put caps on my dues
And when they cop for the moves
Taco belly 10 percent a death or take a heater to the point I'm talkin flame so I incinerate moves
Obliterate crews and they get to raise to
If Im drippin the grey goose or send em to jesus
Breath from the proof I six with the shooters trell introduce and get reefer the boo
Stealin from the top of the head to the shoes and the proof of the built that made sickness produce
Verse 3 (Dikulz)

These givers have had it the hardest label of the year
I take it no matter what take you with it ain't clear
Man it's fuck your life just like Twisted said so wicked deals on the table we can murder em right cheer
Screamin they ass up in the sound of the match or watch your flames a go
Forsee my main they post
Don't watch your brain convulse
Certain they surgical with it ima slayer post
Flat line nap time dirt nat take em in to the night night
Man I run up on them bitches like I might bite
The only vision that I leave you with is hindsight
20/20 think it's funny til we comin to killin these artist
Claimin that they hard til you run them a mean did the harmless
Cuttin em with the sharpness and I'm leavin the blood in the garments
Rip em up apart get the plaster to cover my carpets
And they say that I'm heartless
Live with the harshness
Swim with the shar shniz
When you gonna see that unnecessary evil wouldn't understand the light if it wasn't for the darkness
You're welcome, you can thank me later when they take it to the inner worker come into my underground
Welcome to my hundred ground
Hook and my pen is my source so of course ima cut em down

Verse 4 (Bleezo)
Creepin up in the building
Kickin it with the villians
Sippin the penicillin
Look what the kiddie shit that the richest.....
Verse 5 (Bishop)
Mother fuck rehab, thats what i told my P.O
Smelling like that E.O
Skiing down the ski slope
Need some pedigo
Holler at my amigo
He got the best around and he got it for the cheap low
Now i owe one owe one when it all gone
When the funk comes then it won’t numb
Better hold on, finna go (gunshots) n***a don’t run don’t run
N***a on the set I go dumb go dumb
Lock on the radar, scope on the AR
N***a play hard get your face scarred
Bullets go crash with a n***a no state farm
Put it down full color block for the a course
Charles Xavier, please oh, Dikulz, Z the piranha my not this shit official
Bishop in the buildin n***a better have a pistol
Hide in the ceiling killa live in Sacramento
Let it all blow till it go click bang
Sick up in the skull yeah I’m so insane
You better hide the flow
So we ride up by the snow
Got the powder for your nose doper than cocaine
Spit it for the weirdos
They offin my pain
Rockin with a Tec-9 lost in the rain
Ain’t trippin bout the best rhyme
N***as will respect mine
Slizzle like the lizard when I’m sippin on that drank
Twisted told me “Bishop, my n***a, in the bank”
Brainsick killin all them other n***as lame
On my block that’s my partner goin harder than the paint
Dreaded like a rasta goin harder than a tank
Verse 6 (Twisted Insane)
Call me the reason that you be there for sufferin many beatings
I coulda put you to sleep and there really wasn't a season
I coulda been with the beat but I'm sweepin em off their feet
But the chopper I'm finna eat it and n***as don't learn to freeze it
Take em up out of the freezer bro body stir in the pry
Put it up on the set it contributes then half em lives
Throw me until I'm dead put a bullet up in my head you can put me up on a crucifix when i come back I'm ridin
And everyone was signin cause I was just out there killin shit
The sin up on this chimney you could tell that I was feelin shit
I hit em with the venom n***a they would never fill in shit
You feel like he was in a mortal kombat when I finish it
You will need a membership
Im droppin em in the box Im over the top and you was not to get up in my fuckin business
I leave a n***a sleepin with the fishes
I keep it independent codependent I was livin off of bitches
Sickopatomous sack or my hand on those try the father
Pick up a ball but no be Mcgyver and try to be like em
Get on your knees and you pray to your Jesus tell him to strike em
Im undefeated whenever you're needed out with this side and
I was a basket case, they call me a basterd i keep on livin my life an addict yeah call me your mantra
Hope or then keep up they see i be rappin so fast
And I offen murderin n***as so i can see you in the patra
So i could hit em or gas em peel out and hit em with sick
And a bitch if I'm Liu Tsung the picture rhythmatic
I hope you really dont think of dreamin they get em with this
Im a type of demon that fiendin for those illegal with this
Pop and next thing you feelin me now like i wasn't shit
I coulda filled you with bullets but ima fill you with flow
It's a nation of motherfuckers behind me and I'll return at home to ya friend listen to me you already know, brain