Twisted Insane
[Intro - Twisted Insane]

[Verse 1 - Twisted Insane]

Hit 'em with the psycho shit
They don't wanna run up and get done up
Fill the body with the motherfuckin' venom
When I get up in 'em, I'ma have to peel 'em with the sick
And everybody trippin' cause I'm rippin' n***as like a denim
I'm a weirdo
But it really doesn't matter
Cause a motherfucker splatter people's ear lobes
And I'm here for
Anybody that wanna get
Take a trip into haunted and meet the dear ghost
I'm that one in the dark room, kinda like dungeon
Hit with the harpoon, or the night punchin
Sick, jackin' off with a baboon on a full moon
Off of shrooms and the OE buzzin'
Hit 'em whenever they run up, let me get their ass dummin'
Fuck it, I'ma put 'em in the oven with the roast
Maybe all my bitches had the cated
But im feelin really great and everybody say they lovin it the most
Are you ready for the toast?
He's finna call, people will fall
He kill 'em all, there was no escapin'
Everybody's homies take it deep, fill 'em all
Bleedin' 'em all, he's gonna ball
Kinda like a nightmare
But he's really standing right there
And you know I do not fight fair
Hit him with the mace, kick him in the waist
Shoot him in his face and I'm off
And I win like I'm [flat air?]
I am the monster in the dark
And I'm under your bed and I'm up in your closet
When you go to sleep
And I really murder anybody
In the middle of the night because I creep, daily with with the heat
Or maybe get to choppin' off your feet
Stuck in the pit with the big sick python
Wavin' the 44, n***a don't know
Any minute they can get it with the ticking time bomb
[Bridge - Sinist Click]

[Verse 2 - Sinist Click]