Twisted Insane
Don’t Say a Word
Don't say a word

[Verse 1: C. Ray]
Everybody on the ground, I don’t side from any of you n***as
Underrated like Apollo Brown
Grab 'em by the pussy like a penny when I'm pinching
Set ’em up and knock 'em down, I don't need a pen
I'm in the lane, I'm independent
Lookin' for the crown, they said they got it
But I see they wasn't able to defend it
Hit a piece, I really can't believe it
I be trying to watch a movie with the youth
I don’t get to see ’em all the time
I got no time, a n***a do be in the booth
I be sick of hearin' ’bout to ratchet that you hired like you really finna shoot
I be out in town, I run around
I come up back into my city with the loot
Treading through the muddy waters in a pair of trunks
And a backpack strap and I'm walking through the crip
And hella faded, barely made it, hit the bed
And I would black in and fuck out
Fed up, running like a bus route, man I really gotta knack for this
[?] killing me
And I don't wanna wonder if I may step off on a mad trooper
So I gotta tone it down even though we're heavy with the pain
Just a little, take a n***a slap a n***a silly
But they really wanna play like a fiddle
I’ve been holding back the whole time when I done 'em all
Gon' make me tip the gas out then I bury
Everybody beep in a world where you beep till you blackout
[Hook: C. Ray]
Don't say a word
Mention me, he will be history
So easily homie, so don't be absurd
My rivals are sideshows, bitch I know it hurts
They lonely it's okay just don't say a word

[Verse 2: King Iso]
Ain't nobody better than a veteran, you better get a bullet
I'mma hit at them and never will competitors be worthy
N***a better get a jersey like James
Settle a vendetta with the metal if you're ever feeling murky
Kill a fellow with the shovel and I bet you Killa Rel'll
Never tell like Brittany Murphy n***a dang
It's evident, the rhetoric I get 'em with is devilish
You heard me, it will burn until your elements have settled in
And cut 'em like a vegetable, dirty how I bang
You're telling me you're eligible, eat it like a medicated edible
So beat it with you imbeciles and better damn believe it
I will get it too so tell me why you came
Never have I ever been a lame
And I bet you n***as coming at me
I will get to chopping like propellers to a plane
I fell up on a fellowship with fellas who were fake
And so I tell 'em hit the plank
For the n***as not respecting me
I bet you will all check 'em like a teller at the bank
N***as thinkin' that they better but they ain't
They'll be sweeter than an edible arrange
With my feet up on the pedal while I swang
And we're leaning out the window with the bang
And proceeding to the ghetto with the gang
Shit I'm thinkin' it is said that I'm insane
Anybody really want it with me come and get me
Ain't nobody messing with the king
I'm too heavy for you feather-freaking-weights
You thinking that you're better
But I bet you haven't said it to his face
And when you get in front of me, you looking like a dork
Like I'm 7'2" or 8'
So when you see me don't say a word
Like you never learned a letter in a grade
'Cause I'll cut you into pieces and I wear a n***a's skin
Like a letterman ok
I'm really Brainsick so you better get away
With the 9 milli, strange, shit, put the TEC up in your face
I'm the Don, silly look at all the people that you let up in this place
And when I try, really
N***a you can run a fucking dead list on the brain
[Hook: C. Ray]
Don't say a word
Mention me, he will be history
So easily homie, so don't be absurd
My rivals are sideshows, bitch I know it hurts
They lonely it's okay just don't say a word

[Verse 3: Twisted Insane]
Dancing with the devil, look at what you made him
We could fade and get the blade
And almost take the mickey
But you wasn't living off forgiving
Listen to me when I take you wish your doom
I don't give a shit about what you was giving
Just a minute, tell the bitch I got a witness
Looking at me [?] away [?]
Might just as well just get the fuck up out your room
Grabbing to get where you reaching for your spoon
Hopping the beat they want to get to you consume
Dropping the conversation bite me to the boom
Pushing up daises
There ain't no murder, motherfuckers on the loom
Hitting you bitches all up with the little boon
You was stupid like you were a big buffoon, n***a you brazy
They could all be running at me, heater runner
Go and put the gun up at me, any money, really funny
Come and club me
Anyone that pull up from the waist
I be on the voodoo type of ritual, a sicker individual
I wish you where the boogie man will get you
When you go to sleep at night and seal your fate
Don't you say another fucking word, I'm on a thunder bird
And you ain't saying shit
I gotta come and murder, don't you worry
I'ma tell your family when they get your break
I don't wanna hear no bitching when I go and get the knife
Up out the kitchen in a minute
She was finna end up missin', knowing I was finna be a n***a's fate
I prolly leave a n***a leaking just for speaking blood
They all up in the mud
Coming here to get me all this money and his woman
I don't give a motherfuck
Maybe I should tell 'em I forgive 'em
When they looking for' I put em in the dust
Someone get the tape and put it on his mouth
'Cause I don't really hear him fuss
I don't wanna hear another motherfucking word about it
Should I kill you in the dungeon
One they don't wanna see a n***a when I'm posted with a loaded gun
Two post up in the park and then I'm killing everybody, pistol Brain
[Hook: C. Ray]
Don't say a word
Mention me, he will be history
So easily homie, so don't be absurd
My rivals are sideshows, bitch I know it hurts
They lonely it's okay just don't say a word