Twisted Insane
Kill Em All
[Chorus: Mister Hyde]
You need to open them eyelids, realize you're liars
And wear these disguises, you'll see they'll be hiding behind closed doors
Because they counterfeited
Up on this microphone and I'm about to fix it
So I gotta give it to 'em and kill 'em off
Kill 'em off, kill 'em off, kill 'em all
Motherfuckers don't know how the game go
Kill 'em off, kill 'em off, kill 'em all
This music making world ain't for everybody
Let's let these fucking haters know it ain't for anybody
[Let's kill 'em all X8]

[Verse 1: Smoke]
Bucking 'em up, making 'em run, gimme the mic and let me go
Poppin' a gauge let 'em know, life is like an episode
Up and I'm waking with indo, in my own paradome
Murder keep it cutting with the flow when I'm hella thro'd
South side right? I'm the capital west
And I'm an effect, the lyrical deity you a pest
Making them guts, I impress i'm a mess
Yes, incorrect I am one of the best
Yes, connect it with vets and let's
Get up and get 'em when I be getting my quest
It ain't no thang to let 'em rest
(?) Mafia, popular toppin' ya
I have no problem with poppin' and droppin' ya
Seem like I'm fucking for dahmer for rockin' ya
Deep in the game, probably shockin' 'em
Pretend to be rap
Kill 'em all
They throw up they hands
Soon as I get to reactin' they thinkin' they leavin' I leave 'em defeated I'm rash