Twisted Insane
Goin’ in
[verse 1]

I be in the wind trippin' off the wicked demons in the nighttime
40 bottle liquor sippin' when I write rhymes
Comin' around the corner if you wanna get the bite i'm goin' in the mother f**kin' dark when the light shine
Pistol whip a n***a put a bullet in your fitted then I hit em' with the sh*t that make em' really know I sh*t it
Everybody feelin' cause it was an epidemic so I hit em' whenever they wanna run up and get they body blended
Fill em'with the venom I hit em' with two shots
Send em' in the heaven with Biggie and 2Pac
Runnin' through the ally, one Henny and two Glocks
I put one up in your face and your lung and then you drop
Hoppin' em all on breakin' there ball but he on the to many visions, I hit em' up with the voodoo
Twisted Insane be eatin' monkey brains, put it on the griddle I saw that sh*t up on Youtube
Drinkin' bottles one after one, I be gettin' gone
Better by my lonely cause I sit up in my throne
And if you really thinkin' I only sing songs
I eat a mother f**ker like I was King Kong
Look into the eyes of a demon and Godzilla
Do you wanna get affiliated with a killa'?
I will put a bullet all up in your noodle on the reallah
When you run up on a wicked silverback gorilla
The subliminal havin' a criminal breakin' up into your house while on lean
Shouldn't have been f**kin' her but was the wrong team
And every single time you will see me in all green
Fill em' with murder its no dream
Put 'em in the oven they lovin' it when its hotter
I will put one up in your spleen
I hit em' with the verbally murder and man slaughter