Twisted Insane
Earth For Myself 6
[Twisted Rob}
I been dedicated for multiple years to this rap game, sacrificed almost everything I've had in a fast lane, educated with agility and charisma I can finesse any instrumental spitting em mad flames. So people be telling me, an elegy of melodies can get me vibing and no one is compared to me. Prepared for illustrating all my rawest emotions, the clause of devotion which some of yall is too impaired to see. Many attributes allocated to my character which got me believing that I can never be eliminated. Focused on my survival Cuz the fittest is the only ones who finishing plotting on my victory. Its Premeditated. With a blueprint, I move in, like a a ninja with the movement, haduken, sharukens. Aiming at mother Fuckers Cuz you thought I wouldn't do it. Assassinating targets fluently there's nothing to it, so I murder with the music
So many puncture wounds all in my vertebrae
Never been stabbed in your back, you gon learn today, been through a gauntlet of enemies, they earned that fade
Nobody knows much about me Cuz they all turned away. Hidden in the dim light, Cuz it burned away, a path to my freedom, is a verse to lay, arming up a track like i emerged from flames, bringing hell and everything Cuz I've endured the pain! Yeah!