Twisted Insane
Murder Game
[Twisted Insane]
Brains on the wall from the murder i committed
When i shot the stupid bitch and made her feel the pain
Cut her up and put her in a pillowcase in case you motherfuckers tryna find her ever shes been slain
Bloody rain
Get up out the ground like he was tripping feelin scary cause its murder on sight
Smokin on my killa feelin like im a gorilla finna peel him even if he wanna plea goodnight
Like fiends on the pipe
Ill drag u down to test and tie you to the chair and put the ducttape to your mouth
Cause i dont want nobody around me to hear u screamin when i turn into a demon this is what i talk about
Am i affected by the devil even though I dont believe in him
The reason that you breathin is cause i ain't put the heat to him
Walkin down the street in human clothes its extra medium
Im finna feed again making sure that you never breathe again
Yes im a killer
Yes im homicidal
I tell my rivals that I dont care if he was readin bibles
I put the rifle and shoot the shit out of you off of nitro
Then proceed up on the mission got more wits like i was fi fool
Blood on my 50 from the murder i commited
People disappearin learn about it on the news
Do you really give-a fuck about a disappearing nig-ga
If the n***a wasn't close to you
I really dont mean to be rude
Motherfuckers often lose
Fuckin wit you "news" only dealin wit my crew
I leave more than bruised i let loose with the deuce deuce
Now you motherfucker do the eyes on the uz
Ain't nobody stressin wit the babbys lookin for you
How the fuck they gonna if i was 20 feet below the ground
N***as always running big ol bullshit but if you wanna go and get that motherfucker homie im down BRAINSYCK