Twisted Insane
Through the Eyes of God
A walk through real life
They say that music has a soul
And when you listen to it long enough, it bares its soul
Do you hear it?

[Verse 1]
Wake up in the morning and my mom's on the floor
Blood on her door with a needle in her arm
Pick her up, please don't leave me
Cannot believe someone's been feeding her harm
Never even knew she was using
Getting abused and kicked in the face every night, damn
The killer called me, hit me on the phone
Said he sticking that bass in your pipe
And now I'm talking to the paramedics and a brother hinted that they growing sick of this shit
And maybe it's too much for me to handle why can't [?] people dying like this
When I wake up in the morning I don't want to read about you [?] in the paper, not like this
We supposed to make it to the end, best friends, you supposed to be a killer with me, not like this
I stay hard to myself on the daily, and never knew my [?] like this
My best friend's 24 with a baby on the way, how can he get shot like this?
I used to sleep at the park, no food in my stomach, ain't had a meal in weeks
Try to get a little more so I go on tour, come back and my whore wife cheats
Now I'm all by myself in a room with a sawed-off 12-gauge looking at my face
And I'm thinking it used be cool on Earth before [?] the place
And no matter how fast I go or how many shows, I cannot win the race
About to say goodbye to this bullshit life and have myself float off into space, way outer space