Twisted Insane
Fill a motherfucker won't nobody wanna come a baffler
Falafel could've put the wrath in ya
Better get to runnin', comin' after ya
Sickopatomous feelin' phenomenal
Funny telepathy to get the best of me
There ain't no restin' me until the death of me
Whenever and ever I fill up in 'em, with the venom
Body better and better beheaded and ready to kill 'em
Fill em up with hollows at the back of the mono
I bet you never thought
You see me cut open your face and rip it like denim, im sick
N***a thats a beneficial
I come lurkin right behind the bushes to eat up your cat
Throw em in a sack and never bring it back
You say that im not infected motherfucker
Can you thats a fact?
The 151 got me dumpin with a tommy gun
And followin nobody help watchin everybody run