Twisted Insane
Brainsick (The Brainmatter)
I’m out the gate with the heat, suspicious, suspicious
Bumpety-bum-bum on your dome like Steve Vicious
Uncle B, he gets ridiculous, leaving them sleeping with the fishes
Murdering my-my, get that dome blown, gone with some sick sh*t
A d**k licked, it's some of that brain matter psycho
Digging up in a sl*t, who gives a f**k about a menstrual cycle?
That n***a that fighting on n***as that you and others ain’t seen before
Lose a hoe, gain a hoe, lose a hoe, beat a hoe
With the switch get them like women turning a b*t*h into a victim
Running up like pitbull and lick 'em, have a n***a dome blown
With a biggedy-bing-bang, listen to how I sing
Got on talks with a swang [...]