Twisted Insane
The Dookie Monster
[Intro: Twisted Insane]
It's about that time n***a
Give me my weed [bitch?]
Give me my strap
West Craven, you did this n***a?
This heat uh
I like that shit homie, that's heat
Check it out...

[Verse 1: Twisted Insane]
I bet you never knew you fuckin with a psycho bitch
Hit em wit venom and rip a n***a at his jaw
Hit em wit venom and sock a n***a in his jaw 'for the n***a even knew what the fuck he saw
I bet you thought I was perverted...
Because I dig up in the booty and I made the pussy leak
I never thought the ho squirted...
Until I licked up in the pussy and they thinkin bout me
Creep with a motherfucka wanna be villian, up in the liquor store to get a 40 bottle of the SHIYAT!
N***as wanna trip, is when I pop open the clip and leave a motherfucker reloadin and ownin this shit
I don’t give a fuck about the shoot em up show or the knife show
Im a killa fo' realla, I eat a motha Godzilla but Imma eat a n***a brains like a psycho
Bitch I'm like no
N***a that you ever did seen
The pussy this red erotic on the team
But you never lookin at me like a n***a was me
You never thought that you would meet a brainsick fiend
Shit up in the bitch's mouth and then i get a blunt
Because I dont wanna smoke on contact
When I got up in the house, I had my balls in her mouth like [please don't choke, use a [?]]
You could be my comrad...
And we could do it everyday until the middle of the Summer when the shit gets deep
And the shit gets deep...
When I really be up on the creep, shit gets deep when the pussy leak [aahh]
In between the sheets...
I would stick it up in the hole until the bitch was psycho
And tried to use her teeth...
On my dick, so I hit a switch and got that rifle
Stuck it in her butt, then blow booty chunks all over the wall, I admit that I was drunk, but goddamn couldn't get rid of the funk
So I had to get up out that motherfucker, run across the street to McDonalds where I grabbed me a double cheese
Cause I only had a boodle in my pocket and the bitch behind the counter had a pair of some double D's
Now bitch you can smother these...
When I get up in the booty in the middle of the late night hour
And I dig up in the pussy til I get so sweaty that I just have to get in the shower
And I devour...
Til the pussy goes sour
I show em I got the power and nobody cower
With the heat on my waist, Bullets at your face, you will get showered
[Chorus: Twisted Insane]
[The Dookie Monster]
Here he comes creeping through the dark with [heat?]
Here he comes creeping through the dark with [heat?]
Here he comes creeping through the daark...
Here he comes creeping through the daaaark...
[The Dookie Monster]
Here he comes creeping through the dark with [heat?]
Through the dark with...
Here he comes creeping throught the dark with...
Here he comes creeping through the dark with [heat?]
[The Dookie Monster]

[Verse 2: West Craven]
I spit it for the [streets?] and my [hopeless duds?]
Broken [?] [if these?] n***as is drunk
My teeth on the block from the .38 snub
Tears in his eyes cuz it ain't no [love?]
Yeah [I'm?] tryna get me cause [?]
[Federation?] in the street with the [Crips and the Bloods?]
And it ain't gon' stop like hands in the clock
[Gang?] details, tryna [load up?] on the block
Fuck sittin around, Imma [slay my watch?]
[Heater?] with a Glock 9, n***as [?]
[Pay me coast, best believe?] [?]
[?] and I got mine
Catch em in the hood, slippin on the stock fund, n***as [?] betta watch your time
[?] tank, and this ain't no game, n***as playin in the streets, yes, real life shit
Used to be my homie, but now you a bitch
Fuck catch a fade, Imma empty the clip
What you put it on when I hit em with the click?
N***as doin [life?] [?]
N***as turnin your rag and get a bag
[?] break yo ass
Put holes in ya face like a [?] [bag?]
Yeah n***a
These n***as ain't ready for this shit
Some of that...
Underground, top secret, ya know what I'm sayin?
[Nuclear?], ya know what I'm sayin?
Some of that [vibing?] music, n***a, some of that sick shit n***a

[Verse 3: Twisted Insane]
[Pissin?] the blood from out the n***a dick, a motherfucker trippin [let's see this chick gon' get?]
40 bottle [?] a sip
And find a n***a naked when I'm rubbin on those tits
And ever-y-body wanna be known for the brainsick
Hit em on the realla, when I [empty on?] the clip
Two for the brain, [the rest of em?] [?]
I'm dumpin out the window when I hit em on the hip
Nobody can run away [?] sick
I'm choppin all the bodies into itty bitty bits
But you gotta get when you gotta get, so I gotta get... [?]
Move into the park and see ya body in the dark and the body is finna get [a little dose of that?] [braaaaiiiin]
Sick, and the rest of the body is finna get a little more [dose?] of that [braaaaiiiin]
Sick, hop in the dome when I'm poppin the clip
Thinkin I'm fake when I'm talkin [this?] shit, still thinkin I'm fake when I'm walkin this shit, n***a
[?] bitch, comin [with?] [?] because I'm ignorant
[Aaaaaaaahhhh, aaaaaaaahhhh, aaaaaaaahhhh, aaaaaaaahhhh...]
[Oh, no please don't eat me, no please, mommy pleeaase...]