Twisted Insane
We In
[Verse 1: C.Ray]
Now i've been nice to ya'll but you know it's murder
When i come get mine
Plus i'm independent homie i ain't gotta listen to nobody
By myself we make em tuck they shine
One at a time I gun em all down outside
Like i hit the ball foul but
I be on the move fucked up drunk with a couple sluts hun
We gon' do this humpty hump did he hump, hump
Then i get space go back to my n***as and there bottles
You can find me where there high whenever they toast
Bottoms up my n***a don't be spilling on my J's though
I'm fighting anybody ruin this shit i gotta pay for
Back to the function let's get brain lame n***as gotta lay flat
Or get slumped quick
Everyone I know will knock you back for that dumb shit
We in the gym and ripping n***a limb like a drumstick
Come and rock with us dropping nog splitters
Where them ho's at what about n***as
Like I need you in the building when i'm tryna cock Glock it
Bitch already gone she'll be back in five minutes
Hit it then i show the back of my filling
Really killing in the pitch black yeah i did it admit it
I cut em no slack when i'm in it no question
The bitch will come back when I visit
She gon' cane to em when i put the pain to em
Better get up in this ho like hit em with the shank zoom
And they got me feeling like it's something that I can't do
And there's a group of n***as with me dealing with the same flu brain sick hotter than the quick to king cool
No we don't even bother with the chick it went through
Your motherfucker routing for me step into the building
And i bet you that i'm feeling we the same with the crew
We in here
[Verse 2: King Iso]
B-R-A-I-N to the S-I C-K V gang coming from the west side
We ain't fucking with you n***as on games like EA
Leave a n***a four to see SI
Bet I catch you n***as slipping then i hit em with the fifty calibre and put ya body in a dresser
For the motherfucker like I drenched all my clothes
When I hit you with the fo' but then an iron go and press ya pressure luck ain't nobody fucking with the best of us
Brainiac maniac n***a put ya cheddar up
Keep an arsenal of artillery heat the kettle up
Nine millimetres they can't fool psych men et cetera
Loose off the goose when i shoot n***a better duck
Keep a bad bitch ass thick that'll set em up wet em up
With the mouth no umbrella fuck
Yes i'm sick next time bitch better luck
I'ma be the n***a that'd fuck around and kill you
Put my freedom in the trash like I smell like mildew
Cocaine weed and then a couple of the pills too
Run up on em like a horror movie with the film crew
N***a i'm the rap Quentin Tarantino
Close to the damn beet hole running ya damn peep hole
Pop a purple dinosaur my n***as call a dieno
Hit you with the puller like my name was Dan Marino
Any, many money brain catch a n***a by the brain n***a
Said that i'm insane how ironic
She'll do you designer friends
Murder a n***a that round her waist
Spit the venom quick my n***a like sonic
N***a run and hide away homie you can die today
Killer holler on the way I get relic might go brain
N***a I go flame with a psycho's name it's Iso brain
[Verse 3: Twisted insane]
They don't wanna see me on they best day
Rip a n***a breast blade, I will send a bullet through your chest plate
Hurry up and send you to your death day
Built up out of good to make a win for all my n***as in the SA's
Ride for me every time it's really going down
Put a muzzle in your mouth and make you bout it when you wanna bang
Turn you up until I make you pass out and put you half on I got my dick up in your hole now who you wanna thank
Somebody better tell this motherfucker he a fool
Or you know when its about to go down so I stay strapped
Pull the pistol out to make you glint, talk to bitches on the bench light skin like a prince but I stay black
Hop in the bitch to easy with two bitches look at me
N***as don't ever say she with the bitches on your team
Its way too much for when you wanna handle with the green
In my hand now who the man like yeah i'm never on TV
I'm a savage with the venom, I dress em up and send em
To the track and they come back and then they look at what I made
I spent a gang of time being broke in the alley down in southern Killa Cali now this time i'm getting paid
I'm a hard egg to follow, a hard egg to swallow
It's go time n***a show time at the Apollo
That ratchet ass bitch coming through, hmm
I don't wanna fuck the bitch i'll do that shit tomorrow
And I really feel no sorrow for the ho I let em know i'm with the brain game
Wishin that you was up on my team
I put you on the bench and make you sit about the game you so lame, get the fuck up out my name, hold the beat
When you fuck around with me i'll roll up on your street push up on you watch a n***a dump slugs from the swinging
Watchin this motherfucker life end
The go back to the room to take another hit or take a ragged bitch we in