Twisted Insane
The Gang
[Verse 1]
?Ballin with my fleet look? and every fella with the pedal to medal off of the motherf**king sparks
And the many enemy could but i was with it cause even the enemy kills the monsters in the dark
Temperature is hella faded i was gone
Gettin hella blown
Swervin to the motherf**kin sickness
Lookin at the b*t*hes thats on
Baby you won't
And the b*t*h hella motherf**kin thickness
Do you wanna roll wit a n***a thata put you up on the track
And baby you can get to hoein
I was steady holdin
All this motherf**kin weed up in the back of the dak
And now we can get to blowin
And you will be goin
Into a fairy tale world with girls thats making money like you
Cause we can make a team
And i can be f**kin and suckin duckin and sinnin and imma tell you what to do the motherf**kin gang


Runnin wit liquid a**ests motherf**king gang

And even if im rollin with my 4 5th been the corner
When im off the summer give you a little bit of dose and sh*t
These b*t*hes be acting like