Twisted Insane
The Gang
[Verse 1]
?Ballin with my fleet look? and every fella with the pedal to medal off of the motherfucking sparks
And the many enemy could but i was with it cause even the enemy kills the monsters in the dark
Temperature is hella faded i was gone
Gettin hella blown
Swervin to the motherfuckin sickness
Lookin at the bitches thats on
Baby you won't
And the bitch hella motherfuckin thickness
Do you wanna roll wit a n***a thata put you up on the track
And baby you can get to hoein
I was steady holdin
All this motherfuckin weed up in the back of the dak
And now we can get to blowin
And you will be goin
Into a fairy tale world with girls thats making money like you
Cause we can make a team
And i can be fuckin and suckin duckin and sinnin and imma tell you what to do the motherfuckin gang


Runnin wit liquid assests motherfucking gang

And even if im rollin with my 4 5th been the corner
When im off the summer give you a little bit of dose and shit
These bitches be acting like