Twisted Insane
Got to Get Some
You won't get that one I want them
I don't give a fuck about a n***a when I hit em with that

Little n***as bussin from the babies
I be clashing I be puffin on the bullet with the tool
And n***as standin abandoned
Well Id be damed if they was off in a phantom
If you don't know when the motherfuckers will do ya
Bullets sick em on ya they coming up on ya
Ready for when u steppin I'm standin
While busting to make em fill a
N***a that be speaking the wicked is going through while they stick it I go ahead and would anybody fo reala

Fill em when I hit em
Made another n***a split it
Like a n***a name incism tripping off another dream
Feel him movin through my body
When I shoot him properly
And lay up on the trolley full of forty five beams

Stepping off up on the green
Takin away his spleen
Kill em by any means
Digging up in they jeans I'm a lunatic
40 of the E
Quarter of the weed
Pocket full of green
All I hear is please when I shoot the bitch
Hoppin over fences
Chopping up some bitches bodies in the ditches
Laying full of stitches cause I'm with the sickness
While you looking for a witness steppin with the quickness
Hit em make the swishers
So malicious how I do the business
Bring the n***as to the centre of their doom
Feel the type of tension when they walk into the room
Feeling comical funny phenomenal tell em Geronimo
When you will get hit with the shit that I get from the