Twisted Insane
Fear No Evil
Hear No Evil, See No Evil
I Fear No Evil (x4)

Verse 1(Spliff):
Shot gun pointed at the face of my adversaries
They the only reason that i ever thought i need to carry
Blow they head off they shoulders cause they are lookin scary
Turn into another body that i guess i gotta bury
Make my own cemetery fool of these lawsuits
Put em in the back of my all white bronco
Put their gloves on, put the mask up on my face
Gotta clean this all up before the cops come, pronto
Not your average citizen, feel like im killin shit
Start to make your Favorite rappers look like they're illirrelevant
Holla at your girl, now she callin me a wicked pimp
If she keep on lookin, man she bout to get the wicked dick
All i do is kill a mic kill it with them hoes
Got me feelin like im floatin in this land of the lost
We just standin in this planet with no weed and no cuase
And we never take a minit to look at what weve done
Have you really thought about it
Doubted cause i asked the question
Have you looked up at it
Smile on your face man
Who do you think cloudin
Step up to the plate
We bury bitches like im(?)
I be chillin here, waitin, puffin on a filli blunt
Killin all you haters all my life till my life is up

Verse 2(kaoz):



Verse 3(twisted insane)