Twisted Insane
Let Me Live
[Intro] (This Skit is included on the end of the previous track, No Rest for the Wicked on the Physical Album Version)
Aye, why don't you run up in here and grab us a couple 40s up in this muthafucka real quick
What you got on you?
Oh shit I got, what, 56, 57s
This n***a
Lil broke ass, don't never have no money ass
Hurry up n***a
Gon' get my fade on. Awe, shit, this? I ain't even got my heat in this muthafucka. Ain't this about a bit-*gun shots*

[Verse 1]
Baby mama in my inbox
If I knew she was gonna hit me on the low, she would've been blocked
If i knew I would've been bopped, if I stayed around and laid up in the town I would've been shot
10 years old, running through the wire, 20 years later now it's me that's on fire
Pockets on flat, filled out apps every single day, but I still was not hired
The life of a broke n***a, run 9-1-1 still a joke n***a
They way my life been going I ain't even knowing if I want to keep it rolling find me hanging by a rope n***a
That's real, in the welfare line with the mama don't mind me
I'm not time for yo drama
Wrote rhymes all kinds, two times like Obama
4-5 right by my side when I'm on a mission
I don't even think you see it get the bigger picture
You can talk about ya flipping while they cooking in the kitchen
I be posted in the bushes with my hand up on the trigga bitch it ain't nobody better I been looking for that n***a hoe
Open bottles in my vehicle, tell her take a sip and see how far that she will go
Trump in office we gone see how long 'til we revoke, I'm just tryna keep it to myself just so I can be afloat
Let me live
I don't know
I feel like I can get a call any day, you know?
You can get a call at any moment, at any moment you can get that call
Somebody close to you can be gone, your closest loved one
Just dead, gone, flatline, just like that
They be gone, maybe I'm gunna...
I remember one day I got a call from my mom and she told me she ain't think she was gunna make it back home, you know what I mean, from the hospital and shit
I was tore the fuck up inside, homie
You hear me sayin', this is, this is my mom, you know what I mean, so, I was gone...

[Verse 2]
My mind's fully brainsick
They told me from a kid to give it up, I ain't shit
I'll never make it rappin, maybe, but I can't quit
I'm sick of sleeping in the parking lots with stank piss
I take a trip around the nation and I find myself a ginos
I bought the homies food and I ain't even have a beanal
They always showing love and they start brain up at reno
I told my auntie 'bout that walk around her chemo
She knows maybe I could be something for real, talking to my mama while she lays up on her death bed
Never know if it's gone be the last time that I say goodbye, so I sit and cry high like meth head
I wonder if I'm being tested
And if I die today, will I be resurrected?
Feeling like I'm walking with the zombies so infected
You be on the corner lookin' like you got a deathwish
Oh no, mama used to tell me: "Don't go"
Every night I'm usually running from the popo
The homie told me that they got me in a photo
That night that we was riding in a stolen 4 door
Shit, man it would've been so great of us
The people would've gave us love instead of hated us
I feeling like I'm 'bout to go bezerk or hurt and I wouldn't be so nuts about to bust the phone today, but just let me live
So now all type of muthafuckas all on this shit right?
I mean imagine that shit
Imagine the feelin' you have right
N***a you feel like you boxed in
You know, I did
And it comes to a point, man, that you feel like it's all boilin' over
Like your top really bout to pop at any muthafuckin' minute
You know what I mean?
You look to the left, n***a, mama's on dope
Look to the right daddy gone
You don't got nowhere to turn to
You ain't got no muthafuckin', you ain't got no money!
And everybody in your business
Errybody want some, nobody wunna put in get to somethin', you know?
I mean shit would be different if you start thinkin' about life, homie
Night and day
That's what I think about
Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, A, B, Select, Start, Twisted Insane, Brainsick Muzik, I'm out this bih....