Twisted Insane
I dump

[Verse 1]
Pullin' up to the function and the two seater
Bending up in this b*t*h, with the clip on me, 2 ninas
Nobody that wanna f**k with me, I'm off the hen
Dumpin' them in the river, f**k the n***a, we was never friends
I'm reppin the Brain until the very end
I'm bringing a trash bag, pulling up in the black lac to bust yo cherry in
The couple of bags that you'll get buried in
You talking with big nuts, got me thinking you 'bout to bust, so why you scary then?
Word to this mother f**king brainsick sh*t
You up in the function and I come in with the gang bang b*t*h
Couple of n***as get to trippin', so I hit Ice-B
Bring the MAC and the hammer back and blood they like 90
Set tripping c*cking the K's back on bloods
Full of hate and they can not wait to fill my face with slugs
Open the door, they hit the corner, n***a let's get to skrappin
But I'm really about that action on the beat so f**k the rapping

I dump
I dump
I dump
Mother f**ker I dump
I dump
[Verse 2]
All the n***as that want it do f**k around and get the gauge pulled on 'em
Mini MAC get to rushing, or get to bussin', I would put the flame up on 'em
Stretching b*t*hes like a condom, nobody trippin' on you, but I bang the green
If only it wasn't a dream, pull up and I'm in the function with the gangsta lean
"Whoop" - is what you hear when the lil homie 'bout to shoot
Roll up the indo and rollin' down windows, I rather just bust slugs out the roof
Ain't nobody f**king with you, you was independent taking up b*** like a d*****
I making 'em disappear like he was David Blaine, I'm talking puff puff n***a poof
No truce, every time a n***a bumping gums and I be ready
With the millimeter at they head and always in the green and red just like I'm Freddy
N***as wanna go to war and end up in it when they know this sh*t can really end up deadly
I ain't rappin' with you n***as, blood and guts up in ya kitchen looking like spaghetti
Come and get me, got love for the crips and all bloods and pirus
Anybody trippin', well then I'll be kicking like I was Ken and Ryu (Oooooh!)
Ain't nobody tryna hide open up, 'cause I'm outside fool
So what you gotta homie with you I ain't trippin n***a, blood can die too

I dump
I dump
I dump
I dump
Mother f**ker I dump
I dump