Twisted Insane
The Cemetery (Skit) (In My Darkest Hour)
[Twisted Insane]
Hey, what's up homie?
What's happenin'?
I know it's been a minute since I came up here to see you homie
I just, I just been doin' my shit, you know
Tryna survive
The music finally got off too homie
This shit really workin'
And you always told me it could
Sometimes it feel like you was the only muthafucka that believed in me homie
And I got the kids and shit now
Raisin' 'em by myself and shit
They gettin' hella big, you know
Always actin' wild and bad just like us
My mom is uh, she's about to die
Pretty much on her last leg homie
I've been dealin' with that and shit, you know
Damn, I miss you homie
I remember we used to be out ridin' all night long
All night long
Ridin' around drinkin' 40s of Old E
Listenin' to the sick shit
Heh, yeah
I just came to say I miss you homie, and I love you, forever Brain
Much love homie
I'mma go ahead and get up out this motherfucker tho