Twisted Insane
No Heart
“Come. It is time to keep your appointment with the Wicker Man.”

[Verse 1]
Somebody better come get this bitch for I put her in the dirt with the worms
Lookin' like a big worm with the perm
Tell me when the fuck is you gone learn
I'm repulsive I'll send you on a quick trip to yo burn
Somebody want that brainsick that murder in the dark night time might kill her
One time for the KC homeboys 'sup Mike Zilla
One time for the 40 bottle I'ma hit my real buildings up
I RIP buildings up put 'em in the dirt, don't you know I am Godzilla
Shadow in the dark Dracula NosFaratu Times ten
N***as gang banging and they aim things they bang bang for a ten
Bullets let loose when I took his shoes, but I don't wear size 10s I know mother fuckers who owe n***as so I took 'em for them
They call me crazy 'cause I'm evil
You like 'em alive, but I like to fuck on dead people
Feeling like a n***a was on that horror shit gore
Like put 'em in box chopped up no brain it's no sequel
Doing the voodoo Shaka Zulu I'm Papa Shango
King of the ape season n***a straight out that Congo
Enemy's in presences everyday smile up in my face
Bucking a mother fucker, just like I was up on fucking rumble
A Wolf like Jack Nicholson, Bite
Never know when I'ma strike and I'ma lycan n***a that's in my blood stream
Nobody's there to save you from your nightmare, I'm right there with a chainsaw, rip brains off every time a n***a go hunting
They want a n***a for a record deal but I rather be brainsick
I just really wanna eat never wanna be all famous
Put in a black casket so drastic how that n***a got them bullet holes in his face and that plastic got zipped
Strung up by the nut sack exposed to his friends
Threw the bitch for the rage up in the cage with two hens
Tell the hoe "the end"
Then take off in the night time to write rhymes about every thing that I have just sinned
No heart
I didn't mean to startle you
That's alright
You know it's Halloween. I guess everyone's entitled to one good scare
What an excellent day for an exorcism
She just goes a little mad sometimes. We all go a little mad sometimes
And you know what the most frightening thing in the world is? It's fear
Don't be afraid! afraid. Be very afraid

[Verse 2]
Somebody betta come get this bitch before I put her in that box with the lid (what)
You ain't know I was so sick (but)
Run fast, but you still got hit (shit, well)
Put 'em in the body bag to get zipped up
Run for the hills n***a, but this is not no Yosemite
Voodoo, n***a, I thought you knew Baron Samedi
The pitbull off the leash I'm finna beast ya runnin' around and be talkin' that peace stuff and I'm choppin' them bitches putting 'em up in boxes for what they did to me
(Mind gone)
Told a n***a nobody would ever relate to me
I've had it up to here fuck cheers
Enough of the fugazzary
Black magic nobody wouldn’t let nobody in my life
But fuck it ain't nobody here n***a look at what they made of me
619 rep it 'till my death and that’s on TD
Southeast with a green rag and a piece LPB
Bitches be lying and suckin on dicks so I pay no attention what you tellin' me
Don’t think it’s a real world where demons won't hang
Come boys and girls to the world of the brain
Really don’t give a shit about how many clips you rang
Homies walk up on your spot at night and bang bang bang bang!
N***a, no love
Fans show a n***a none in no time blood
Sliced up from the neck n***a to the wrist bitch your time’s up
You ain't gotta remind us
These muthafuckas be lookin' at me for four years got the whole DEA right behind us
Quit whatever you're doing and come and murder with me
Eat a brain and body like it was a burger with me
I don't wanna hear no fuckin' dirt about me
I'd rather be up in yo spot on a burglary
TV's with 3D holy jackpot I'm rich
You bitches dudded, just back off my dick
Most people scared to get they blast on
Imma kill a n***a with a mask on
Then calmly just walk to my whip
No Heart