Twisted Insane
In My Darkest Hour
Living life day to day walking into a world full of unknowns
Survive, that's all one can try to do

[Verse 1]
The life of a young child, abused, and for days I would lay in the junk pile
Never seen one smile, I used to bomb the beaker on them when I was walking every one mile
There wasn't no lectures
My strap was so jammed, so there was no protection
You must have a death wish
I can't walk away so I stay to protect it
Smokin' weed, chasin' dreams
I walk out the door trynna face my fiends
One day I promise I'll be livin' off of rap sh*t, that's it
[Now I'm going in so I can't think of things?]
I'm on a mission, listen
I just wanna progress, no stress, blowin' on some cess weed
I was on the front line daily walkin' with the heater just in case some wanna test me trip
Posted with the homies, I ain't dealin' wit' you phonies
I be better off just trippin' off a bottle of the liquor
And every time you come around, you never got no money for no weed and yes indeed you wanna hit up on my swisher
And I don't even like that sh*t
Who wanna [pull me?] you be quiet than a b*t*h
I don't even know this n***a, who the f**k you come with?
I don't give a sh*t I only need my wife and a spliff
One pipe and a hit
Guess I got my trees indeed you would think it's just a hobby, but I need my weed
It was a dream for me making it in the music
Now If I lose it every time I think I need some cheese sh*t
Sh*t is hella' crazy, a quarter mile trynna walk me an inch
So I said and I think to myself that I came a long way since I slept up on a bench
Thank you

And I'm still livin' this life
Watchin' time pa** by
As I begin to realise my omnipotence and embrace it
We become more intuitive individuals
Individuals that will not be overpowered or overwhelmed
By anything that stands in our path
That's real

[Verse 2]
Stuck on the fences
No type of rent is due for me since it's
No way I can fix this sh*t
Take it out on all so who's on my hit list
Who wanna get this work no clue what to do
When I pull for the dismiss
This ain't a picnic semi automatic get to cookin' through you n***as like some Bisquick
Smokin' weed, doin' drugs
Days that be tellin' me I'm f**kin' up
I wanna mention that it be always in the back of a n***a mind that
One of these times I ain't wakin' up I know
F**ked from a young age
I tell people I've been cursed since birth
Feeling like they gon' find me on the floor with a body full of holes and my face up in the motherf**kin' dirt
First things first
Trynna make a mil and do it independent and if it wasn't for my fans than I'd be barely f**kin' livin' with the homies in the ally and the roaches in the kitchen plus I do it for my people trynna make it out of prison
So many people wanna come and copy ya
In a savanna it really don't matter ain't nobody stoppin' ya
I'm drinkin' bitter ain't no better than the sh*t I'm droppin'
But is why I'm laughing when you people say someone is toppin' ya, n***a
I live life one day at a time in a line on a Monday
Sh*t, I don't know what the hell is worse
Might end up in a hearse from my birth never church on a Sunday
Ain't nobody on my level maybe one day
I wouldn't get my hopes up though
I don't give a f**k about your favourite rapper I'mma dump knives
F**k your little punch line flow
I'mma let you n***as know
To beat me it is gonna take a miracle
You just started doin' sh*t that I was doin' years ago
You be choppin' up a little bit
And comin' around out the back of the lack and all that sh*t, but you ain't really f**kin' lyrical
You ain't have them other n***as fooled
You ain't got it you should hang it up I'm sorry to be rude
When you comin' with the wolfin' I'mma split your f**kin' doom
I'mma reala killa illa dude
My face on the front page
I'm lost and I don't know why
I be in the backyard faded off of Olde 8
Understand hi is the time pa** five
Sh*t is hella' crazy, a quarter mile trynna walk me an inch
So I said and I think to myself that I came a long way since I slept up on a bench
Thank you