Twisted Insane
Bottle Run (Skit)
[Twisted Insane & King-ISO]
- Homie pull over and get a bottle blood?
- Yeah
- Alright man right up here
- Yo!
- Wa's happenin'?
- Ain't that that muthafucka from the restaurant?
- It look just like that muthafucka
- Breezy muthafucka
- Pull up?
- Fuck that, n***a, get the chainsaw, n***a
- Bet
- Chainsaw, come on
- Ay n***a!
Guy: huh?
- What's up, n***a? Hey, get this muthafucka. Hold him down, n***a
- I'm got him. I'm holding him blood
- Hahaa! Yeah n***a. What's hatnin?
- Damn, n***a movin'
- Hold it, hold this muthafucka
- Hold this mutchafucka n***a
- Got the legs
- I got him, I got him, n***a
- Hahahaha!
- Blood you into this shit. Heheh