Twisted Insane
Ken and Ryu’s Massacre
[Twisted Insane]
Woke up in a good mood, then I got a phone call from blood
Telling me bullshit 'bout a n***a wanna get deep in the funk
How is this? Man, they got me pissed, when I only show love
That's the type of shit that'll make a n***a wanna pull that heat from the trunk
I am different type of n***a that'd be waiting for you in your living
Room, bring you to your doom, motherfucker whom is you kiddin'?
They don't wanna go to war, put the n***a brain fragments on the ceilin'
Don't take my life, tell my wife hide the children
Phony, n***as acting like a motherfucker really know me
Go to war, homie bring the .44 like it's Xbox or Sony
My sight got him with the red dot aimed right at they dome
Hit them with the chrome, I got more where that came from, that's on me
I'm a pistol poppin' poltergeist, and puppet master, puffin' purple, puff a puff, a bottles bustin', barely breathin', beat 'em, buck 'em, but I'm boolin' back and brackin', motherfucker (woo!)
Nuff of the talk time to match wits
Which one did I poison? Should I drink? Did he switch?
Every time I wanna go to war I got 'em runnin' like a motherfucker put him up against it murder man and they gon' have to find the body part up in a ditch

Run up on 'em, hit 'em with the fuckin' MAC-11
Take a n***a heart right down the middle
Careful, what now, duck down for the ground
And do you really wanna come and get to flexing
Blood, I'm built for this shit
Look at everything a n***a done built, brain, I'd kill for this shit
Do we have a problem?
Do we gotta put the millimeter to your noggin?
Blow your memories out
Then we leave out, broad daylight, joggin'
'Til you're nauseous
Turn a n***a six months old, call it crawfish
Smoke 'em like it's time to go to heaven and we put 'em in a creek
No Dawson, quit talkin'
Bitch y'all is just targets
'Cause sparkin' the one rule that doesn't apply to me
My dick, please get off it
Your bitch leaves it softened
I'm in it, ISO is an intriguin' author
I don't have any sense left
[Twisted Insane]
I will put a bullet in chest

Lift a n***a like a bench press

[Twisted Insane]
Looking like you're born of incest

Like Johnny my shit's in-depth

[Twisted Insane]
What you talkin' 'bout? Who been next?

We 'bout to bubble like it's meth

[Twisted Insane]
Run up on him with the Semtex

Really I'm not impressed

[Twisted Insane]
What you run around and say that we're gonna have to hear it
When you're rapping to me in the parking lot, have no interest
Hurry up, I gotta get up in this fucking vehicle and get up in this
Little pussy, where the fuck we gettin' a hunned runnin', the bitch is tremendous
I'm a-fucking-mazing, when it's coming to the racing
I be swimming through you n***as and I'm winning like I'm Michael Phelps in Beijing
No chasing, no n***as up in here it's on the roof and bitches tastin'
Pull up on a n***a, they get at me
Hit 'em with it, let you n***as do the gay thing

[Twisted Insane]
No faking

On the real shit
Like I'm out there fishing for the base G
Oops I meant bath salts
I'm an asshole, shits I'm taking on anybody that be steady coming with the bullshit MJ Team I'm dope
Put him in a hole like an 8 ball, no MJG

[Twisted Insane & King-ISO]
What's bracking!?

[Twisted Insane]
You don't wanna be the one to run up on a nightmare
Nighttime ah, I'm finna push a n***a might fly with a MAC-10
Hop back in
Then be around the corner
Clack-clack with the strap and
Watch brains drip, it's the Brainsick, n***as ain't shit
Matter fact when I
Run up on him and I

[Twisted Insane]
Catch him in the parking lot, like "What's up?"
Shit I'm sick, it'll be your worst day, you thought you had nuts

N***a never really knew what he was dealing with
And like a dealer's deck get cut, homie now

[Twisted Insane]
Now what's about to be the last thing you see 'fore you cut?
Blood, you stuck

In a sticky situation like a bitch and I'll be with her penetrating
I don't really give a shit if n***as hating
Tell me what the fuck are you insinuating
That you n***as always tripping
I'mma get to take the boobies suck and fuck I really don't know
Pity though
Tripping on a bitch, send a n***a that quick video, just

[Twisted Insane]
End it
Different n***a wanna get defended, suspended

Like a whip out my n***a bounce out with the brand new suspension
Got tension, pull the MAC out, blackout, leave no witness
When I get this like a pass down
Restaurant give you the business
Hey Twisted

[Twisted Insane]
Quit this brackin', everybody slackin'
Ain't nobody rappin' like a devolution
Homie you pollution
When I pull up on 'em, bustin' with the MAC
You better get your back up
When I'm at your back and they don't wanna come and see what's in my sack
And n***as at your backdoor with a fat bowl
Or a Henny bottle on my lap
I bet you wanna raincheck
The levels we deliver when you want someone to say shit
I can't wait until the day a muthafucka wanna step up to the pain
They don't want a piece
Of a hundred beast
Undefeated when I'm on the range
Anybody wanna go against the best
Put me to the test
And I'm always game
N***a this Brain