Twisted Insane
I Created War (Skit)
[Bray Wyatt's Speech]
I have no followers
I have only brothers and sisters all in the name of cause
People are sheep, you understand me?
They can't lead themselves, they need to be led
People buy and sell fear
They worship war, they create war
And I am not afraid of their wars
I created war
And I think it's time for the masses to wake up
Wake up, WAKE UP!
Wake up and look at this lie that we're living in, man
The world is deteriorating between their toes
And they do nothing about it
They only stand there
They whisper and wonder, but they never do anything about it
But I have seen it all in my dreams and in my thoughts
And above everything else I understand
This is not the beginning
It's the end
We're here
Speak of the Devil and he shall appear