Twisted Insane
Venom [Re-Twisted]
Nighttime sh*t, come on, Zigg Zagg

[Verse 1: Zigg Zagg]
Hit you with the flow of potential, I'm Killing ya
That's Zigg Zagg to the front & center
Clips/mags to the b*t*h that wanna sip on that sh*t
Like the hollow tip, rip b*t*hes to bits
Scrape up the motherf**ker that don't want to run with this sh*t
Look at the talented and while I'm chasing the streets, don't run with the gang
Break you off homie, Bust up faces for the sake of this name
From back in the day
Hit you with the Strafe like it's a straight flippin off with the mouthpiece
And big boys talking about that time they got paid
Three b*t*hes; most of us think we need b*t*hes too
I'm running the game solo with the (Icepicknicks?) and we be coming for you
Speak that Venom, we speak that Venom so we roll through
Hit you with that flow that'll put you on stickmode, why? because of the deuce deuce
Listen up when I tell you "B*t*h Don't come at me Sideways"
We run looking at the Grand L'Arsenic (with full clips without a axe?)
Slipping up talking sh*t about me, Imma come stick one off in your a**
Make b*t*hes know in broad daylight for the sake of this cash
Break you off homie, Bust up faces for the sake of this name (X2)

[Hook: Twisted Insane]
I am a Gremlin n***a, hit 'em all up with that venom sh*t (X4)

[Verse 2: Twisted Insane]
Murder in the darkness
Hit them all up with the venomous spit
Put them in the back of the Regal, and so many people wonder why I do this sh*t
I could have been hit, I could've been sent to confess the sins in the abyss
Maybe it's cause of these n***as
I got to be clipping these chicken I've wanted to get
Whatever the case Imma fill them with sh*t to the death
Until there's not even a breath in my chest
Don't believe me? I'm taking my vest
Because you never know when they're coming to test
Hoffing, I'm creeping, no sleeping, kidnap them and hit when you live on the West
Mouth into the river the blood and the count to 40 OZ holding my breath (ha!)
Now you meet the half of my wrath, my feet upon the gas
When I hit them with the venom, put the bodies over willing
Every n***a want to get them choppin up another killing
Motivated by the feeling
That I get from the flick and that fifty one fifty one fifty one off that Marley Green
You n***as my lights I get fading out, I'm tellin you people I'm higher than Charlie Sheen
Watch a n***a lean I move through the differings by murders took from the case
I've spent about four or five years telling motherf**kers to go out and shoot for the face
Two from the waist body hit the floor, before I hit him with three
N***as be talkin like they are the sickest but really you n***as ain't f**kin' with me
I hit 'em with venom
[Bridge: Zigg Zagg]
Break you off homie, bust up faces for the sake of this name (X2)

[Verse 3]
Mind hella gone, I'm in the zone, stay blown cause it's drastic
I'm sacked for the elastic cats get laid out in caskets
Creep up on me like Freddy is deadly
You better be ready or probably to get the (fetti??), They knowing exactly how it's going
I'm no joke (??) come on thats all she wrote
Willing to do what it takes to get it You know I'm with it, count every digit
How about that? Make the semi clap, crack to really back, Imma show you how they react
Dreaming but never sleeping
But seeking to see the reason
Off in the evening busting cleaning
I been b*t*hing to get it
Why they wish I been to did it
Snap back to reality no formalities call me queen like (??) Young Drow plus I'm just a one-pro here I come though
End of the snapper
Wake you up like "What'd you just call me?"
To the haters: Back up off me
You know I'm way deep in the scene
They don't wonder why I'm the West Coast Queen (Yeah)