Twisted Insane
[Verse 2: Twisted insane]

I fill em with the [beam?] and body burstin' with the shotty catch em off a molly and i prolly open up ya guts
I send you too the devil after [we have settled?] if u wanna meddle with a motherfucker go n push ya luck
I'm a demon full of evil, i will fuckin eat you with the barbecue and make you wish that you were never livin'
A pistol whip you homie if u really want the drama i will turn into osama when i break inside ya crib
Shovin' a knife up in ya shit i was urgin'
To walk up in the motherfucker lit and then i cut ya like a surgeon
Man everybody know i put the work and i will never leave until i know the silly bitches are for servin'
I'm quicker than Serina i don't need a misdemeanor even tho i beat her i will beam a n***a with a scope
I'm a night time killer even when a n***a write rhymes
I'm with this shit no matter if i'm wicked, go
Puttin' a bitch up in the trunk and really gas her brotha' she had asthma drain her for her blood and the plasma
Said imagine, how i post up on the roof and when you walkin' up il shoot and now you labelled as a has-been
I'm overdosin' off of flow n' venom when i spit
You was watered down and i'ma keep it with the sick
If u run upon me it be like you stepped in shit black mask on my face toe-tag and you zipped
Young homie i'm an animal damage a n***a
Can't nobody hang with my stamina n***a
I'm brainsick hit em with the .223's won't you shoot through me who's an amateur n***a?
Fucked out my noodle bitch suck cock-a-doodle better suck every drop i'm so brainsick
Make hoes hit the floor then its up gotta go i be up out the door fore' i go ape shit!