Twisted Insane
The Quick and the Dead
[Twisted Insane]
Real sh*t, everybody hit, blaze in the morn or homie y'all be gettin lit, if you wanna f**k with me, n***a I do not forget, I'm smashing and murder everybody with the sick, two guns up in your face, I'm in the venom with the night, outta luck you get stuck with the venom I hit em, the everga**in murderer rotation masin my face, you wanna race and imma bring em I send em, into another level, what they really wanna meddle, put the pot up on the kettle, when I'm sealing yo fate, get up outta my way when I bust, mother f**ker this b*t*h a horny treat, it's too late, crack another forty and I take it to the brain, when I'm insane I walk up in this mother f**ker like a nut, Strap on the waist just in case you b*t*h n***as get buck, (?)with this to in yo gut, Pick em off with the 1, 2, 2, 3 my AK 47 get off like my horny old man, and shoot through your sweater and I'm running and do other with the maximum dosage of blam, blam, blam, imma killer when I move everybody wonder who? , pull up when I put bullets in your crew, you was (?) What the f**k to do, put your bullet in and yo B*t*h get it too, wasted you don't know the basics, general like Morpheus from the matrix, I could be cool with yo buds for the moment, later I'll tie you up deep in the basement, And I feel sorry for all my opponents, put yo body with the 6-four, Hope nobody hear me come up into your room, when I tiptoe