Twisted Insane
Within me
[Verse 2: Twisted insane]

When i'm on that ill tip
You know run up murder, murder, murder kill shit
Hit em' all up with the sick i admit i'm a hard motherfucker to deal with
Put him in the back of the whip and he wasn't ready shit was movin' like a roller coaster
Anne Franked him and shanked him with some of the venom n***a when i overdose ya
I'm a schizophrenic admit it, i get offended if you cross the wicked
I'm Brain sick widit' i cut em' in pieces and put they face on exhibit
I'm comin' up into your brain takin' over your body if you don't get it
I kill em' all up but i [finally?] murder you too if you say i did it they don't really want it when i hit em' when i hold up in a minute i'm a kill em' with a Ginsu knife
I take flight, put em' in the oven with a little bit of pepper i hit you right
Psychopath, brains on my plate, aim for your face, hit em' with a 45 mag
Smoke that ass, shove it down the bitches throat and watch her choke and gag
Smokin' hash every motherfuckin' day like i'm some kinda fiend
If shit is real then tell me why the fuck it feel like its some kinda dream
Is it what it seems
I really thought it was but now i'm sittin' with a michael mask
Lookin' at you when you asleep and you never know when i'm eat i'm a psychopath!