Twisted Insane
Within me
[Verse 2: Twisted insane]

When i'm on that ill tip
You know run up murder, murder, murder kill sh*t
Hit em' all up with the sick i admit i'm a hard motherf**ker to deal with
Put him in the back of the whip and he wasn't ready sh*t was movin' like a roller coaster
Anne Franked him and shanked him with some of the venom n***a when i overdose ya
I'm a schizophrenic admit it, i get offended if you cross the wicked
I'm Brain sick widit' i cut em' in pieces and put they face on exhibit
I'm comin' up into your brain takin' over your body if you don't get it
I kill em' all up but i [finally?] murder you too if you say i did it they don't really want it when i hit em' when i hold up in a minute i'm a kill em' with a Ginsu knife
I take flight, put em' in the oven with a little bit of pepper i hit you right
Psychopath, brains on my plate, aim for your face, hit em' with a 45 mag
Smoke that a**, shove it down the b*t*hes throat and watch her choke and gag
Smokin' hash every motherf**kin' day like i'm some kinda fiend
If sh*t is real then tell me why the f**k it feel like its some kinda dream
Is it what it seems
I really thought it was but now i'm sittin' with a michael mask
Lookin' at you when you asleep and you never know when i'm eat i'm a psychopath!