Twisted Insane
Ready for the Murder
(Lyrics are mostly accurate but feel free to annotate any errors made)

Verse 1 (Hurricane):

Is you ready for the murder?
What up Homie, is you ready for the murder?
You know I am. Aye...yo

Do you really wanna kill wit me?/
Follow mothaf**ka,Then drill with me/
Come on homie, Get your steel with me/
All we gotta do is get the victim & Get her sippin on something and have her slippin & slumpin in the seats/
Then we can take her to a secluded area where we bury her, Then we put the Chainsaw to her feet/
But we gotta be discreet/
We don't need any little interruptions/
I don't want nobody seeing me backing the truck in/
I don't want nobody saying of seeing a certain N***a with a sicker meddler in the streets/
Did you bring the barbwire?Cause we need to tie her down/
If not she gon be jumpin off the ground/
Probably need a roll of duck tape/
A couple cans of mace/
For the screamin, She gon be letting out a sound/
Hope you will be ready, Don't punk out/
I already got the pump out & I cleaned the truck out/
All we need to do is to wait now/
Maybe gonna walk up on her and Maybe blow her whole face/ but we gotta have patience/
Don't kill her yet/
I wanna see what's gonna happen after I put this grapple in the kitty kat/
What, she trynna fight back? She gon be shot for the bleeding/ I'm trynna leave her A** leaking For no apparent reason/
Hold up a second, I gotta slip up and get her if imma shoot her in the face/
We just need to calm down, Putting our guns & knives down, And walk up to her a** at the place/
Slide her a drink and talk to her...
(just approach her, man just say something to her)
Yo, hey wa**up, I've been watching you from over there/
And the way you sittin in that chair, I see your underwear/
I see you like pink, Yeah I like it too/
Why won't you kicks it with me,Let's see what these drinks will do/
Oh you dont drink? So why you at the bar?/
F**k it, it's a change of plans, Follow that b*t*h out to her car/ And I will lay in the bed of the truck with a stick of duck tape & a barbwire ready/
And when I hop out of that motherf**ker imma cut it so deep, I hope a piece look like confetti/
I'm talking bout annihilating, Disintegrating a hoe,Big ungrateful little b*t*h/
What she mean she don't drink?Why the f**k is she gon be up at the bar? She think a N***a don't think?/
Now she got a motherf**ker mad at her/
Imma f**k her, Still need a N***a to put the mag in her/
I was only gonna kill & rip & kill her/
Now imma eat the b*t*h for breakfast, lunch & dinner/
Watchu mean you don't wannabe a part of this?
You did & already got a part and started it/
Why you think I had you load up the hollow tips?
Mainly Planted the shells with your fingertips/
I knew what you said from the start you was down
Now you're trynna pull your motherf**ka like a f**kin clown/ Where you think you're going? Sit your A** down
Because if you try to run, I will blow your back out/
Whatchu mean you gon get me first?/
Watchu gon do? Call the cops from the phone in her purse?/
I think you like this b*t*h,I think that's the f**kin reason that it made you switch,/
Listen homie I don't play that Sh*t, So you better straighten up so we can kill this b*t*h/
But for now, imma roll her A** off in a ditch & call the homie Brainsick so we can do this quick/
(aye Yo, give me the f**kin phone you dumb a**. The f**k....
Yo man what's next?)

Verse 2 (Twisted Insane):

I don't really think you mothaf**kas ready for the murder,/ Having a circa,hookin & bookin,They cookin like they was burgers/
Split em with everybody in the vicinity
Enemies Run up & get your remedy, Fill em up with the burner/
Split the b*t*h up, And She was too lonely, There's no concern, Psychological sick, I'm finna open your flesh,/
Get the b*t*h out the freezer, I'm finna heat her & eat her, When nobody really need her, I'm Finna bring her to death/
N***as be wolfin like I would put one up in your grave
I lay a body to rest & they cover you in the dirt/
Now homie there some are trippin,Catching one of you fades, And put one up in your face, I was too ready for work/
Bust em up in their neck & I'm feelin like I been noggin
Because I'm up on a mission that hit em up with the sh*t/
You can look into my motherf**kin eyes & you realize You ain't really dealin with the sick,/
Are you ready for the murder...