Twisted Insane
Beetle Juice
All you ever do around here is eat sleep and sh*t
Look at this place
Way yall act, yall must think I'm the maid
Is that it? I gotta go
Hell naw it ain′t it
It ain't it until I say it's it dammit

Are you serious
Is that it
Boy don′t get smart with me cause I′ll Knock yo a** into the middle of next week
And where you going anyway you little fat f**k, you ain't got a job
Who′s that little f**k out on my porch

For some of the things that we do in life
You know what I'm saying it′s not like we wanna do 'em
We don′t wanna end up this way
It's just that sometimes homies
Motherf**kers just end up in certain situations, n***a
That's the motherf**ken trials and tribulations of life
You know

[Verse 1]
Woke up in the parking lot covered in blood
N***as saw the ones that dumped it, but didn′t know who they was
My heart was beatin' thinkin' about the sh*t that happened
This that type of sh*t that happens when n***as they get to scrappin′
I got up off the ground and hopped up in the bucket
I think them n***as took my keys (sh*t)
But n***a f**k it (mmm)
Hot wired this b*t*h like I was thirteen
Got on the cellphone
To the home boy house some thirteen
Strapped up black on my face when I'm hoppin′ the gate
While I'm bussin′ my gat
Strip while I'm off with the aim for the homie
And I'm feelin' a lung, take two to your face
N***as was duckin' from two to the waist
Bustin a n***a like I was a savage
N***as was runnin′ when I was just bumpin'
And dumpin' with the .22 automatic
Punch ′em in casket because sh*t got so drastic
From putting these n***as in caskets
The police was on us and commin' up at us and puttin' some N***as in plastic
But we was all back to the house with the heat in the safe
Thinkin′ about them while takin they life (erase)
While sippin' on the... O.A
English, to be pervin′
This sh*t is just like Perry Mason
Nobodies life is oh so certain
Nobodies supposed to be scared
When they just finish puttin' in work
But the police drive by
Every single night for what it′s worth
I'm... frightened because even in the set lies the snitches
And that is the hob-gobble
Snake, deceitful lyin′ b*t*hes
That happen to be ridiculous
I happen to be the sickest
N***a you ever heard befo'
As God is my witness
Y'all wanna see a dead body?
They shot my brother
Everybody in the mall was runnin'
Motherf**kin', b*t*hes runnin′ out the temples and sh*t
Motherf**ker throwin′ cookies out the Cookie shop
MOtherf**ker (they shot my brother)
Oh and I'll smoke every motherf**ker that came here
Every motherf**ker came in my way
Just thought I′d let y'all know that
See I get mad as f**k
Oh he′s a monster, pure psychopath
Watch me shoot this motherf**ker

[Verse 2]
Shoot to take his life is what he told me
Dump with the heat and make his blood spill
On low-key (okay homie)
Bury them n***as up under the cement with noone to meet him
Open the gate but that wasn't his fate
He was alone for the devil to greet him
And punishing for all he seekin'
Put a motherf**ker to sleep and
Now on his knees prayin' like a demon
Because "[head up?] for them n***as smoke last weekend
Cause n***as be switchin′ they act when they fell on they back
From creepin′ round corners and bustin'
With the mini macs (with the mini macs)
Nothing can stop demons
All over my body they got me feeling like a psycho active
Runnin' with heaters like 9 millimeters
They forced me to put on the white straight jacket
Emptied the bowl but then I repacked it
It took all the weed to the lungs
Smokin′ and smokin' until I was chokin′
My brain is provokin' to grab the gun
I was just young and bustin′ for fun
Raised by the OG's
So what was a n***a to do when they tell me to kill that fool
At fo'teen (why?)
Shoot and I'm a shoot for the sweata'
For the simple fact that a n***a don′t know no betta'
Cause I′d rather take his face off
Creep with a M-16 and take off
N***a this ain't no sign but I will swing away like baseball
Cause homie it′s like another case (another case)
I want you to break up in yo house and eat a n***a brain like Jason
I think I must erase 'em for the fact he's so weak
I think I′ma cook his guts like bacon
Befo′ I go eat
And I hope the menu still with fried goose
N***as'll pound you till yo f**kin′ eyes loose
[Outro: Hannibal Lector & *Clarice*]
Why do you think he removes their skins?
*It excites him
Most serial killers keep some sort of trophies from their victims*
I didn't
*No, no you ate yours*
(Sound of objects thrown to floor)
A census taker once tried to test me
I ate his liver with some fava beans
And a nice chianti
(slurping sound)