Twisted Insane
Creepin Thru The Dark
Yeah, we've come to the end homies and homettes
Shout out to those, who came in f**kin' with me
That's real
It's been a long road homie
And we still, hahaha, yeah
I wunna give a shoutout to Brainsick Muzik for allowing me to do my sh*t, yeah
And that's....n***a I see you on that muthaf**ka tryna smoke all the weed homie, put that sh*t out n***a
Heehhhahahaha, Brain!

Creepin' through the night
Creepin' through the night with flags up on our face
Lurkin' through the night (with what) heater on my side 'cause n***as get blown away

[Intro 2]
And I hope you muthaf**kas enjoyed this sh*t
Now let it marinate, gangsta
Take this time to fire one up while you muthaf**kas marinate on this
Watch this sh*t come back like this, Brain


This that sh*t you put on when you in that mood, real n***as know
And that's real
To bits, to bits
N***a that's night time sh*t, that's night time sh*t
West coast
This that sh*t
It's that sh*t
I leave this muthaf**kin ridin' like this the whole album homie
Homie this the one, my blunt is only halfway done
Come along, with me


Yea dat the OE is back and we gon' keep it gangsta, n***a!
Twisted Insane, remember that name...

Come back here with me, I got a surprise for you
What's up n***a?
How you holdin' up back here muthaf**ka
Hmm? Huh? Watch this
Huh, huh, HUH!?
We gon' take you somewhere real nice
Sit tight
Let's get out of here
*Minute of silence*

[Chorus X2: Redro Killson]
[This room ain't never for a sermon?], yeah
Some nights, some like it wet, yeah
You wanna be divine, understand the sum ain't yours, only 27 minutes left, yeah

[Verse 1: Redro Killson]
[?] [call back?]
I can pay you to blow, see these white b*t*hes think they all that, yeah
[Gave em all my seed?], she only gave one back
Whitney Houston in the bathtub, Clive Davis [pulled the f**kin plug?]
Try to join the 27 club
[Go bring me?] my cocaine
[Amy told me do the?] damn thing
[See me pullin on my heart's chains?], yeah
Rudy Lewis [ say came to do right from his?] overdose, yeah
PCP on my lips, tryna smoke the f**kin [Holy Ghost?]
[Why it ain't up to me?] [?] f**kin [no?]
Stuck in this water, I'm Brian Jones
Now my dad is a Rollin Stone, all I got is this hole in my nose, [I mean?] hole in my heart [came for me in bed, I love you?] more than f**kin cane
As long as I give you my pain, I pray that [this room ain't never?] for a sermon, yeah

[Chorus X2]

[Verse 2: Twisted Insane]
Come on, 27 seconds [it could be a Ruger, find em and the ho done shot em?], n***a never had a chance to live a dream
It was taken from me, [now must take a break?] and I'm lookin at my body, thinkin to myself I coulda gon on bigger things
Now I'm on the road up in the Hell, I'm feelin like I'm caught up
In a [f**kin spell, n'?] doin it real with Jimi Hendrix
Fillin my family up with the pain, Twisted Insane, Kurt Cobain, Gary Thain, can I get a witness?
In 27 minutes, I be in the coffin, ready to be lowered down
It could be a murder, suicide, or overdose to put me in the ground, 27 rounds hit me when I wasn't lookin', but it really doesn't matter now
Shoulda got my body [drug em?] in the body bag [and they all runnin, oh just sow?], blood KA-PLOW
Wait by the gate, feelin like I'm in the Matrix
Feel like Imma na' get 27, I don't give a sh*t 'bout what the date is, as long as when a n***a go, I know I show much greatness, hence they will talk about a muhf**ka like ([woah?] was the greatest)
Janis, [?] [drop to?] [?] [chop shop with?] [Mr. Morrison?]
[?] but I was faded, [jump right off a'?] topic
Take a dab, [?] with the homie and I'm f**kin lit up like a rocket, I shoulda listened to my daddy when he told me, "muthaf**ka betta' stop it."
27 [b*t*hes?], later I was on a good one
Turn the [music and the party down?] like a [high blood?]
(Who got that n***a?)
The 27 club [could dare?], some drown, some overdose, some had to choke, hand in the coat
(Who shot that n***a?)
B*t*h I'm 27 years ahead of you, ahead of you
Nothin' but dark days in a n***a past
[But then?] [?] a n***a [thought incredible?], 27 more miles left, how long will you last?
Follow the bright light when you dreamin
Hope you have a safe night while you leanin
Betta yet a safe flight fo' this evening
[Gaged?] by how many days, [yet a n***a?] lived through
27, I don't wanna go, I rather hop [?] in the igloo with 27 b*t*hes [?] 27 pitbulls and thinkin Imma die, I'm talkin [?] kid you
N***a this that sh*t fool, [to get a muhf**ka?] [that could use?] your brain like Insane, blood on wasted
But y'all don't wanna get took off this Earth 'for you taste it
I could be about to die, 27 years 'for you say sh*t, brain
It's an unexplained statistic that's become both Rock and Roll myth and legend
I want to show people that I will last past 27
And they were unstable people with personality disorders
In a sense, we should thank the parents of the 27


[Outro Continued]
Do you have any thoughts on, on why hard drugs and rock stars are, have become synonymous, I mean Billie Holidays and like whatever they went, they went through, I mean if I were them I suppose I would take anything that was available
(Understand the sum ain't yours, only 27 minutes left, yeah)
But uh, is it in any way a way of emulating those other people who...
Just wanna get high... I mean basically it starts with people who just wanna get high