Twisted Insane
Full Speed Ahead
[Verse 1: Twisted insane]
I am the...
One that'll bring the gun to your knife fight
Might hit em with a right, left
It's yo bedtime homie, night night
Straight, I don't even fight guys but I'm hot
Looking at your bright lights
With a right pint
For the b*t*h to hit her knees
And suck my klondike
Been a long night
With the night train
Murdering em my n***a for dye stain
But I'll show,might kill for
But this skill f**k your life man
Pill yo im reals though with the ill 44 like man
But then chill bro
I will go put dildos in wifes man
Lurking they don’t wanna pull up ima hit em with the daily
Specially when I beat the pu**y catch a breath better call a n***a bailey
But she lazy
Still beat the bushy got to eat the pu**y like gravy
Busting my face with testicals like the top and never pastry
That’s brazy
Tell me that im on the loose let it pump
Somebody jump out the bushes with camera
Always fought
Got the tool im ready to shoot just give me 2 more with the gun
Slump putting bodies in my trunk sh*t
Walk up with the murder everybody
Ain't nobody killing they be off forbidden
They off in dimension they’ll be a demon
They don’t wonder on a scale 1 to 10
Blood its triple beanie
And not n***a type bellator to skelator im innie and im beanie
Don’t nobody come close
Homie I roast
Turn them in to ghost like Patrick Swayze
But i'm brazy like max
Horrorcore with the four door
With the big d**k I tore w****s
Take it off the beat we murder
Run up on a Fein
With the strap motherf**kers

[Verse 2: Dalima]
Flow when I compete when im chopping it out of them
Break your speedometer
Turn the heat up on the thermometer
They don’t really mind hot got hotter
Volcano lava inside they’ll find a geranomo of words
Nouns and verbs
Killer with a prediger
Vocal machete yet again
Body of rosemary’s bet they don’t find the evidence
Hopping to the hour can drop the Chopping the revenant
He is built to defeat legends end
Here jackson were landing near Kevin
Heres 7
Heres and arms and legs and 10 heads cut up in this beer keg
Then tears up
We murder what n***a lynch said
Slit dead
B*t*h I told you I learned from mannibals worked plan
Its like a man with a packet killer hatchet
Using that gruesome psycho chewing on (???)
Fans really get a little bit nervous asking
Cuz they really wanna get a twisted insane autograph
Its horrorcore
Been more than really psychopath
Brainsick, madesicc really calms them b*st*rds
Make a death to mannical fact
And whatever severs from that
Then put your flesh in electrable
Went negative strat
We killers with an eligible style of rap
So un-edible
If they never learn to get it
Then I want to get to eat
[Verse 3: Kamikazi]
Oh sh*t!
When this sh*t fast from neutral
Better put your seat belt on and sit back its crucial
This brain is the future
We will come this future
You think your sh*ts lit
But the twisted bring choo choo
Black magic and voodoo
Shook ones look who's you
These n***as b*t*h up and skate of part of their noo noo
These off branded zoo zoos
Go flash on like doo doo
You rappers are out of a t**an
So im excited for what you do
What am I a gas store break
Sipping the pint
They can't defend on what you say
So many rappers thinking their top end
So they get hit up today
This that hiccup and rage go against us and faint
Take the f**k off I f**k y'all this brain
What ever the method and really whenever
I move with from swift with this sh*t get a whiff
Quick trip night night you incite full
You fall behind we fly by bye
You know top of the rhythm i'm getting a little Rhyme off that times 2
I fool in the back put em in the bag we'll get ghost
I'm juiced of these nuisances fit for my soul
We'll read clues but i'm mute as a fuse set to blow
When my shoes are turned noon then take ten steps and flow
Like a UFO goes with the Bruce Lee right blow
I be lightyears ahead of everything that you know
I mean life as we know
Could get wiped of the globe
Outta control on your mark get set ready let's go full speed ahead