Twisted Insane
A Message To The Rap Game
I did something last night that ain't done in what like 10 years
You know what I mean
I listened to the muthafuck' radio

[Verse 1: Twisted Insane]
Fuck it i get with the murder put 'em in a coffin
I am Abomination with the combination of Incredible Hulk off of Sherm
If you get it mixed up with a n***a then you better know it somebody get burned
Never go reachin' for a n***a wouldn't gimme 50-50 till it is yo turn
N***a betta learn, come out the pocket with dollars and get me on the instrumental
I beat the pussy till the shit'll squirt upon a n***a but I wasn't gentle
Maybe it's my mental got a motherfucker goin' hella crazy, hope he got some denim?
I am a gorilla, run up on a killa, put 'em in the river, it is that simple

[Verse 2: Twisted Insane]
Any which-a-way you get n***a I'm a rider
Walk up on you when you sleepin' and I pop the clip in, homie, and provide ya
I don't wanna hear another word about the "How you 'bout it, 'bout it, man, I really did it"
I'ma walk up to you in the broad daylight then goodnight ya
Really though, I gotta be the sickest n***a spittin for my city though
How I go from being broke to fuckin' every single bitch up in the video
Pushin' level to the max makin' sure everybody ain't forgettin' my name
I ain’t gonna ever make anywhere in this game
Showin’ n***as pity though
Walk up on you like a vampire
Finna pour a body for the blood
Motherfucker, we are born there
And I really don’t care what it was
Fee-fi-fo-fum, hundred round drum
Hit ‘em with the buzz, I go nuts any minute
You start I'mma finish and put your body in the mud
Had everything planned out from the get-go
No record deal but still will hit go
Pull up on you, put the pistol on you and then get ghost
Never ridin’ down the ?perry? all up in my 6-4
I did it with no help and by myself, so why you mad, n***a?
I really have no time to sit around and just be sad with ya
I’m the one that used to run around and sellin’ bag switcher
Now I’m sittin’ in a corner, breakin’ marijuana, rollin’ me a fat Swisher
N***as actin’ like I’m not the one to pull gun and put it to his noggin
You could walk around with heat up on you here
But homie, is you really poppin’
Used to hoppin’ with the bullets, but the homie
Ain’t nobody even stoppin’… got him!
I be in the middle, in the middle of December, puffin’ on the
Pinner, I am no beginner, pick her, I’m a sinner
Blood, I gotta work on my own self for certain
If I gotta hurt ‘em, obvious I fuck ‘em till the bullets squirtin’
Take ‘em to a different level where they meet the devil
In the closet with the hammer lurkin’!
On purpose, a n***a murder you and
Kill and hustle, full of passion
I told you I was gonna heat you and
A n***a see you, why the fuck you askin’?
It’s funny how you little n***as thinkin’ that the
Insane be actin’, till motherfuckers run up
On the wrong day, get their face bashed in