Twisted Insane
Down the Street (Skit)
*Knocking on door*

[Iso, Man and Twisted Insane]
-Ayeo G that n***a Insane up in there?
-Yeah he back there f**kin' on some lil b*t*h. Wait ??la mato??
-??Should be ashamed f**kin' hoes blood, god damn??
Hey, Insane my n***a what you doin'? You still in there f**kin' that b*t*h, you been f**kin' that b*t*h for four hours n***a come on we got sh*t to do n***a
-God damn n***a, what's brackin'?!
-The n***as from the otha' night down the street, p***star!
-What n***a!?
-Yeah n***a!
-Aye b*t*h turn that sh*t off! Hand me my pistol off the muthaf**kin' dresser!
-??Let's get it brackin' n***a?? But sh*t, hey blood I be in the car n***a
-I'm right behind you blood. Yo, turn up