Twisted Insane
(I won't let it take me down)
Every day, I walk in ruins
Everywhere I look, there's ruins
Plenty got me goin' through it
But I won't let it take me down
It won't take me down, down, down (ruins)
It won't take me down, down, down (ruins)
It won't take me down, down, down
Everywhere I look, there's ruins

[Verse 1: C. Ray]
Look... I could ruin these n***as
Call up all the homies and put two in these n***as
Everybody hear what I conduct and get to duckin', started f**kin' with the Brain and caught a flu on these n***as
See me lookin' for the army you would need with ya
'Cause ya'll don't really wanna see the Brainiac invasion
Dig 'em big enough to fit a few in each ditch, but
I don't got the time to catch a body, I'm savin'
All the energy I got to get out the emergency
Room, f**k a tomb, no I can't afford a surgery
And I don't give a f**k about your hate for me or what you do 'cause every single day I got my body try'na murder me!
Why the f**k you think I'm in the gym on the daily?
Only way to fight it when I feel that pain
F**k a pill when I feel like I can peel back frame
Bent steel, if I stop it, it would kill my brain, I'm ruined!
I am what you n***as walk through a slum
I am what you run from on the real
I could be your paradise, still I'm feelin' like I'm in a vice and I'm in hell like I'm the one that I killed
So f**k you, pay me
I'mma go hard till the cards get dealt and they drop that box
'Cause can't nobody stop me but me
I'm goin' till my mark get felt, and I'm with Pac, can't stop when


[Verse 2: Twisted Insane]
I don't know you muthaf**kas, p*ssed
I was born to never make it since I made it out the womb
Homie, ain't nobody even gave me sh*t, don't play a victim
I ain't never had no kinda feedin' from a silver spoon
When I'm out to hit the room, bet you wish you wasn't livin'
Man, I wish wasn't kiddin', but the situation real
Leavin' the b*t*h's pu**y killed, blood, I'm ill
Stumble across the parking lot, I'd rather hit the one-on-one than pull the steel, no chill
Pop off in the middle when you wanna pull it
And your b*t*h up in a n***a face like, "Twisted, don't do it!"
These n***as be up in my phone everyday with that bullsh*t 'bout the gunplay
What the f**k you mean, "Cool it"?
Shoot... we don't play around like that where I come from
We be at yo' window with the Tommy gun
People'll be like, "Holy f**k, run, it's a gun!", but before you know it, I'll be at yo' do', C. Ray, I got me one
I be in the bushes when I'm stalkin'
Patient with my every move, I sit up in a park and then you're droppin' when I get to poppin', Orville Redenbacher
Choppin' everybody, and they momma lit up like a rocket
I ain't with the bullsh*t, what you wanna get the homie
[Both lanes?] tell me murder with the pen
So I'mma keep on pushin' wicked sh*t onto you n***as, 'til you b*t*hes get the ditches, kinda hard to not sin when...