Twisted Insane
[Verse 1: Twisted Insane]
I'm the keeper of the gate and crossin' me will seal yo fate
It ain't no make up for mistakes, I get to seasonin' ya face
And put yo brain up on my plate and get to screamin' with yo mate
My heart is filled up with the hate, it's been that way since in the day
I use your face to motivate me
When I see you, I'mma take you deep into another state and make [her feel the witch-ed ways?]
I mean that murder was the case and this'll be a situation
Threw yo body in a lake and let the water seal yo fate
And so I started up the Brain and I ain't finished with the mission
If you feelin' hot, then get the f**k up out the kitchen
When my trigga' finger itchin', blood, you need to quit your b*t*hin'
'fore I come up with the sh*t to make ya body get to twitchin'
I be all up in the middle of the funk like I'm deodorant
Posted with the power and the blunt, I get to rollin' it
Sick of people talkin' out they a**, I'mma take another
Shot of Hennessy - my remedy - before I blow the b*t*h

[Verse 2: C. Ray]
Rollin' it
Have a n***a faded to the maximum get sprayed up in they back if I'mma throw em' in the hole again
Know I been, cold like I been takin' a Sabbatical, office and
Ho, I'm back and on the map and trackin' for the win
Phone it in, come and see a natural disaster, put they brain to the pastor when the pack is packin', loaded with
Have you saw the clip that you don't ever wanna trip, you take a hit and you can sick and make a n***a wanna roll it then
Find me in the kitchen, Got a problem with the Sick?
And homie I don't give a sh*t to care about the compet**ion
If I really get to spittin' you can find me with a senate, homie hit me, said they need another baller for the mission
You already know I'm with it, b*t*h, I'm really with the Brainsick
Wait a second they come after, never find out when I sick em' I'm the master of the keys, need a beat?
I got exactly what you need, you could be a friend or
Mighta be a victim BRAIN!