Twisted Insane
Subject Switch
Ha ha
Drunk as fuck, at the bar
N***a, that's how I like to be
I told ya once, I won't tell ya twice, and n***a don't look lik no ice or tea
I like to live... and do it big
And I ain't talkin no trick-or-treat or pumpkin
You at the strip club, just spendin guap, n***a, I'm at the same club and I ain't spendin nothin
Dickies saggin, Chuck T's
N***as say I'm dressin like it's '86
But I'd rather be walkin around in shit like this
Than to ever be caught dead in skinny jeans and shit
Look atchyou...
Ya'll'on' know me
Ya ain't got no friends and you live in spite
That shit's cool, but see I'm different
I could talk to my Facebook fans all night
Never repetitive
Takin a seditive, n***as [often?] beheaded, and [this'll be all?] too negative
Murder, I [am a better one?], I [will skin her and shred her, I'm off and I will just?] [?] because this shit is [irregular?]
Fuck, I'm tight!
I don't give a rat's ass what no critics say about me
"He tryna be like this, he tryna be like that."
You n***as can all die from HIV
Twisted Insane, he's so tight
All the homies fuckin every bitch in sight
You be goin 'round, tellin people you rap
I be on the stage every fuckin night
Substance, I neva lose it
I'm takin everything that come my way
Always have brand-new subject matters
N***a, I can go all fuckin day...
About aliens - flying saucers
Where we come from, n***a, I don't know
I know you prolly think I'm fuckin crazy, but I just saw some shit on a TV show
Okay, Sasquatch - Bigfoot
You'd believe it if a n***a caught me one
I might get lucky in the Rocky Mountains, or them thick-ass woods out in Washington
XBOX - or Playstation
Which one is better, which do you use??
Clackin n***as on a Modern Warfare 3, my muthafuckin killstreak is at 52
Who smoke weed?
Who got kids?
How many y'all's fuckin babysitters?
I wanna take time right now to give a shoutout to the people that follow me on Twitter!
Food stamps, who use em?
Who used to be on welfare as a kid?
Who's ridin around in sumn' chunky?
Who's ridin around in a piece of shit?
Left the house when I was 15...
Couldn't stand all that fuckin drama
Met one fan out in Minnesota, it's like my fans love me more than my fuckin momma
Spit so sick when I'm on my shit, I don't pause on n***as, I fuckin comma
............ Imma...
Let these n***as know who they fuckin with - wait
Everybody say that, so I'm on some other shit
I could've been the one [to call the auto'bile then swish, why?]
When the bitch [I'm with her, click, I think I did the bitch, bye?]
I really don't fuck with pills myself
Ya ain't heard a' Insane, kill ya self
You really ain't got no fans to help
Shit, ya bitch feelin me and you feel yourself
Nothin 'bout me, my fans don't know
I come from the dirt, slept on the flo'
I never had a buck to buy a meal
I spent my whole life bein po', so...
Fu-fu-fuck what you heard
I'm in the studio drinkin up on my Thunderbird
Please drive safe, don't drink and drive shit cuz I get up in the whip and...
I swerve!