Twisted Insane
Eat The Evidence
Into the darkness...
Through the tunnels of abyss [with a psycho?]
Twisted Insane
Eat the evidence
Ha ha ha ha ha ha

[Verse 1]
He didn't hear me creep
He reached for the heat, so I shot him in his perm
Why the fuck you think a n***a go from town to town because a n***a put it down like I was Gotti off of sherm
The roof's on fire, let the motherfucka burn
And they will nevah learn to unda-estimate my visions
I'm sicka than pneumonia and I come from California, we run up ya, my n***a, we do dig for exhibitions
Break n***a's jaws in the middle of the street, I got people that's stealin evil, than when take a n***a fade
Hurtin her, nobody heard of him', but I've been servin the purpose, we finna bust up in they crib, that's on the gang
So brainsick...
Think about a n***a when I pop one in my clip
Fuck a bitch!
I'm so aggressive, I cut a n***a, dissection
Get the rest of this breast and then
Take a bath in his guts and shit
I'm Gang Green
N***a, don't be talkin 'bout we on the same team
I just bought a new K, shoulda seen the look on a n***a face when a mothafucka pulled it
Rag on my face, gang bangin with the pistol out the window, finna whistle to ya momma house
In the end, everyone of you muthafuckas can feel the wrath of a n***a that'll blast, bring the drama out
Shoot the block up, hit my n***a Key Loom, tell em that a n***a needa come and boast
I'm doin those moochos and they got doodled deaded in broad daylight, take a flight to the poker note
Now homie, I'm fifty one fifty, blood on my dicky, strictly infurious n***a to put you in a tomb
Filla fo' realla, killa, peel a, Godzilla filla, when I'm pullin bitches all up out the womb, I'm Twisted Insane!
[Eat the evidence]
I want him to carve me with blade...
[Eat the evidence]
I want no mercy...
[Eat the evidence]

[Hook X2]
I will get him up, we gon get em up
Let's just split em up
I don't give a fuck
[Happy clown?] pick him up, then they zip him up

[Verse 2]
I woke up out my sleep with the Devil at my feet
Lookin at me like I was something about to be
But maybe it was something 'bout the evidence I eat
Shit i never would have known because I'm always on the creep
N***as always lookin at me cuz I throw grenades...
And I will take a muthafuckin fade
Take a bullet from the clip and put it in your face
And if they clear might hop over the gate
Outta Diego, California come the Twisted Insane!
Who just smokin, puffin on the doja
Got so many individual wolfin at the lip, I told you Imma get my shit, well muthafucka, thought I told ya
Risen from the Belly of the Beast, and turn the beasts into pizza pieces in rap cause im lit with the Brainsick
If I only could witness the phone and take a baffler up on a mission, and they were listenin to this spit game sick
Psycho, finatical, I will scribe one in ya dome
And may go mothafuckas by the minute
Might get a little faded off of doja, but you mustve think im Popey by the way a n***a's swervin off of spinach
I'm givin a fuck, and givin it up, a n***a by my side
Suddenly, I will be the one to first take flight
There's so many n***as that's runnin cuz I be dumpin and have em throwin up mucus and bloody piss all night!
Aim for the brain, [?] cuz we shoot [from the?] [?] to the afro
Aim for the [main frame?] [?] [asshole?]
Cuz I be on a muthafuckin fence
For me to make a mistake, it will be no kinda sense
I am the one to be posted up and get to vent whenever you wanna get away wit whatever you can't
Eat the evidence
[Eat the evidence]
I want him to cut off my toes... and my feet
[Eat the evidence]
I want him to cut off my toes... and my feet... and work allll the way up
[Eat the evidence]


You have a hard on already?