Twisted Insane
The Initial High (The Monster In The Dark)
*Demonic laughing
Somebody hold this muthafucka legs
*Noises and more laughing
I'm ready

Hello, try again

Kinda sick shit is this?

Want me to throw [dead?] hands on your face with, with, with [eye balls?]
Drop you on [a tree?] with, with um [spider heads dropping?] on your mouth
Want me to crack your mouth with, with [?] smash in your eyes?
Want me to slam you on a, on a tree with [?] dropping on your body?

Lit him up like it's Halloween, drop him off at the fence and then [Mike?] will take him [X8]

All a n***a need is a bag of weed, a 40 ounce bottle, and a fresh Swisher Sweet
My pistol and a [hand for?] the chrome
[?] [every?] [?] n***a, fuck it is on

Alright, everybody listen up
I want this place gone over with a fine-tooth comb
Where ever these fuckers are, they gotta be close
I am standing outside the perimeter of what is turning out to be the most horrific crime scene since Jack The Ripper stalked the streets of London
What police have uncovered [?] words can't describe it
Human skulls used as ornaments
Body parts stuffed in refrigerators
And I can't believe what it says here... A mass grave of decomposing bodies dumped under the crawl-space of the house