Twisted Insane
I woke up on the morning, with my breathe still stankin, on the corner with a bunch of n***a that's gang bangin
The homie came up to me sayin, "listen to this"
I said, "who made the beat, blood, it sound like sh*t"
Hit the parking lot, where the dice game's brackin, sold my heat just to let em know that I was strapped and...
Ready fo' whatevah so don't try no dumb sh*t
Yes, I'd like to scrap or we can get into gun sh*t
[Broke up on the hip?] and got back in the [cutla**?]
Caught a n***a slippin, so I said "f**k it"
That's the same n***a that kissed the [one b*t*h, Imma beat?] if that n***a wanna kiss the gun clip
Step to the n***a with the 2-2-3
Blinded that busta with the [bright juice drink?]
N***a, you know who I am, you know what this is about, but I'd rather put the strap down than knock blood out [yeah!]
I spit fo' the Bloods and the Crips of the West
The n***as that roll with the bullet-proof vests
Cause it's wicked in the city that I come from n***a, and it's banged the f**k out with the Uzi trigger
[Gun shots]