Twisted Insane
F#%k School (Skit)
- Know what I'm sayin? N***a, the [B?] homies, n***a, we always out here, n***a, I don't give a fuck, n***a. On my momma
- The lil homies right here. You n***as ain't in school, homie?
- School?! N***a, fuck school, n***a, I'm out here in [attack?], n***a, I'm banged out, n***a, I got my muthafuckin pistol right here, n***a
- Is that right?
- I got my muthafuckin [?] right here, n***a, if any of these n***as want it, they can get it though, n***a, ya see?
- Is that righ... is that right, homie? Well come on, come fuck with me
- I can't do that...