Twisted Insane
[Verse 1]
In the nighttime, I don't write rhymes I killa
N***as rapping thinking that shit is cool, but the fact is I do this for reala
Don't be caught at the bus stop with no weapons
Stuck if you gotta hit the fence real quick then fucked if a n***a bust in your section
I'm from the west coast where you never know when's your death day
Blood n***as, and Crip n***as, and eses with the [wet thangs?]
Little n***as thirteen years old taking knives to triple OGs and shit
Everybody said "Fuck everybody" so now everybody put to sleepin' shit
Take another mission, I will get offended if you do not make a trip with me
I could be alone by myself [where you do it for my health?], but I still represent for the B
All stay lit for the brainsick
Oh yeah we got Crip n***as too
Oh yeah we got eses too
Oh yeah we got Pirus too
Mexican Disciples and the Latin Kings, oh yeah we got Vice Lords too
Indians and the motorcycle gangs, oh yeah we got bikers too
Motherfuckas that'll get ready up to mack, and then hunt ya
N***as who ain't ever playing, but how can you play when all they ever say is:
"N***a you a monster"

Everybody said
"Fuck everybody"
So now everybody put to sleepin' shit
From under the bed
Teeth up in your back

Everybody said
"Fuck everybody"
So now everybody put to sleepin' shit

Behind you in the dark
Reaper to the max

Everybody said
"Fuck everybody"
So now everybody put to sleepin' shit

From under the bed
Teeth up in your back

Everybody said
"Fuck everybody"
So now everybody put to sleepin' shit

[Verse 2]

(If flesh is best when bloody)
Make a mess, and yes it's funny
You are death the rest are running
Your a monster
([Fuck, we ain't feeling tasty?])
It's reloading and relocating
Stay strap down with some shit that'll cave your face in
They try to knock me down, but I won't fall
Catch your ass in traffic, and I bet your jaw get blowed off
They say you blessed, and you're here for a reason
I say "yup, yeah I know that's to leave theses n***as bleedin'"
Ain't no passes, just hundred round drums and caskets
[And amigos tattoos?] get burnt to ashes
Block monster
[Baby hey whores and macks?], [and the baby cater thing with the Mickey Mouse trap?]
Yeah I'm that double cinnamon rolls for you don't-knows
Ain't no tapping out, this the life I chose
That's why I'm [every head busta favorite rap n***a?]
Better ask the streets if I'm a motherfucking rap n***a
And I put the wrap on the chicken, put some wings on that bitch
[Have my n***as that'll stay trill?]

[Verse 3]
([trill up they label me the accurate?])
Cuz where I be at Logan avenue [it's crawling with goons?] with [pap-bats?]
It's scary walking to school where there's dudes with blue flags
Come through and clack-clack at any n***a standing around when the shit bracks
[Soft he's dead ghost like the walking dead cuz of the homeboys I'm here walking with?]
[But to get infected they will write you lead?]
[It's in your head with the can sted?]
[So inevitably I'm an LPB?]
[It's your destiny where you from around my street?]
Get brainwashed by your double OGs by the time you turn twelve you a B-L-double O-D
Rob Zombie like shit, Stephen King'll [write this trip?]
[How I live, shave a n***as wig with the forty-six I was suppose to kick it back for my n***a kill out with his bitch?]
[Round here n***as can't flip?] that's a urban survival tip
Labeled a terrorist [since the gang put me on that list?]
Can't get a job, can't leave the town, so a n***a's bound to [risk?]
Psychologically made me an animal, I even shoot at a bitch
So to keep from being locked up, I lay low like the lochness
Cuz it's hard being around n***as that act like [mar guai when they wet. triv?]