Twisted Insane
Kick Rocks
Just kick rocks x8
Just get the f**k up out my face

That b*t*h is on my nerves
Tell that ho to kick rocks
I'm a hit her where it hurts
Tell that ho to kick rocks
She won't shut the f**k up
Tell that ho to kick rocks
I'm a kick her in her b***
Tell that ho to kick rocks

[Verse 1]
My [Brain's remain always sick n***as?], face split, brains drip fast when I get n***as
[math when i get?] 2 straps [for the v*****l flick?], [contact, do the math when I flip n***as]
2 bags for the b*t*h, put her in the Hefty trash bag, [sat with the tag, do it quick, and I?]
Come back for the b*t*h with a.. trash bag full of blood, through the mud
I'm a [stick with this sh*t?]; bloodstains on my pick, C*mstains on my d**k
Tripping when I'm in the middle of the woods, on a thousand shrooms
[Take a little bit like every other minute now I'm in a thousand rooms?]
Chicken blood on my d**k, I'm a d**k, Cuz I'm sick, I admit I'm a little bit weirder
Even my own b*t*h momma and daddy don't want me like nowhere near
Catch me in the dark jacking off to a p***o, my hormones are [SINGING?]
Bend you over from the back, and I love it looking blacker than Whoopi Goldberg's t**ty
Yup yup yup yup, there we go with his brain overdosed from the insane treatment
Wanna guess where the heat went? brain dead slumped over in the pa**enger seat with
[Went serve went?], [2 sticks and a cervix?] [sick certain?] [sauce sick when I'm swerving?]
Stuck with slow success, [I'm safe having sex?] [?]
Baffled, by the way that I [dip in the wind?]. [on the gin?] [when I'm sniffing a lot?]
But I'm still sick enough [to know when you got a cut?], so i told that sl*t to kick rocks


[Verse 2]

Tell the ho to kick rocks when she get popped off and then dropped off far from the way home
In the ally getting f**ked in the b***, a**-raped, [mask tape?], by a n***a named [Jerome?]
Some might say that I'm way gone, when I look into the mirror I see the devil looking back at me
Smile on my face it was like a had a clown on my face [in the wind off of gin] I was happy
Standing over the motherf**king body unloading shells until the sh*t was empty
You could say I was venting, but the force of the dark side was so tempting
Fill 'em up and then I move, you motherf**kers should have seen how I was so smooth
Coulda been the voodoo, sh*t anyway brainsick by the way who knew?
Yup yup yup yup, there we go spitting venom keep popping anyone who go against me
[?] if you really want to trip I will cut you to mincemeat
[Then I will come?]
[I'm on the run?]
[They will get gunned?]
[Until they done?]
[Body's in mud?]
[Faces in pund?]
Do it for fun
[N***a Begin..]
[But I really wanna go and murder and the pain will be done when you come to the dark side?]
Posted up in the cut, holding on to my nuts, [fill 'em up?] watching all of those marks die
So I'm a keep [shopping?], cause I’m the Green Goblin hit 'em up only b*t*hes should stop
[heat em up inside?] pull up with the automatic, you don't really want the static, so kick rocks

[Tell me who I've been repping n***a I could sin 'em?]
If you really want to get 'em, I'm a n***a that will split 'em
But I'm independant, generals to lieutenants [fall into my camp you get damned from the venom?]
Hit 'em with ultimate warrior visions, and [sentences that'll refuse you membership?]
[Rigorfit eminent?] n***as be wolfing, but I just be gropin' their kids and sh*t
I'm hot, Smokey the bear couldn't put me out, look at their face when they here me flow
Hit 'em with some of that kill 'em up sh*t when I circle around them like Cherrios
On Euclid [and imperial?] [with a type of offense in my order?]
And it really don't get sicker than this sh*t n***a this is what the f**k off of the border
And motherf**kers come up shorter, get affiliated with a spider in the night, f**k the hype
I got n***as that come through, [Hide if you wanna off the Henn?] tuck them in nighty-night
Daddy put up a good fight he [gon' be wolfin?] because I say he can
So much artillery looking like Mr T. straight out the A-Team van
Speedy Gonzales couldn't catch me, because a motherf**ker get you running like a roadrunner
[Running with the forty five coming to get you done with n***as?] and then I leave 'em in a cold slumber
I don't go dumber, [I go outside the head with the noodle knock?]
Back on your block with the Glock [watch how fast n***as pop?] you better be kickin' rocks