Twisted Insane
Kick Rocks
Just kick rocks x8
Just get the fuck up out my face

That bitch is on my nerves
Tell that ho to kick rocks
I'm a hit her where it hurts
Tell that ho to kick rocks
She won't shut the fuck up
Tell that ho to kick rocks
I'm a kick her in her butt
Tell that ho to kick rocks

[Verse 1]
My [Brain's remain always sick n***as?], face split, brains drip fast when I get n***as
[math when i get?] 2 straps [for the vaginal flick?], [contact, do the math when I flip n***as]
2 bags for the bitch, put her in the Hefty trash bag, [sat with the tag, do it quick, and I?]
Come back for the bitch with a.. trash bag full of blood, through the mud
I'm a [stick with this shit?]; bloodstains on my pick, Cumstains on my dick
Tripping when I'm in the middle of the woods, on a thousand shrooms
[Take a little bit like every other minute now I'm in a thousand rooms?]
Chicken blood on my dick, I'm a dick, Cuz I'm sick, I admit I'm a little bit weirder
Even my own bitch momma and daddy don't want me like nowhere near
Catch me in the dark jacking off to a porno, my hormones are [SINGING?]
Bend you over from the back, and I love it looking blacker than Whoopi Goldberg's titty
Yup yup yup yup, there we go with his brain overdosed from the insane treatment
Wanna guess where the heat went? brain dead slumped over in the passenger seat with
[Went serve went?], [2 sticks and a cervix?] [sick certain?] [sauce sick when I'm swerving?]
Stuck with slow success, [I'm safe having sex?] [?]
Baffled, by the way that I [dip in the wind?]. [on the gin?] [when I'm sniffing a lot?]
But I'm still sick enough [to know when you got a cut?], so i told that slut to kick rocks

[Verse 2]

Tell the ho to kick rocks when she get popped off and then dropped off far from the way home
In the ally getting fucked in the butt, ass-raped, [mask tape?], by a n***a named [Jerome?]
Some might say that I'm way gone, when I look into the mirror I see the devil looking back at me
Smile on my face it was like a had a clown on my face [in the wind off of gin] I was happy
Standing over the motherfucking body unloading shells until the shit was empty
You could say I was venting, but the force of the dark side was so tempting
Fill 'em up and then I move, you motherfuckers should have seen how I was so smooth
Coulda been the voodoo, shit anyway brainsick by the way who knew?
Yup yup yup yup, there we go spitting venom keep popping anyone who go against me
[?] if you really want to trip I will cut you to mincemeat
[Then I will come?]
[I'm on the run?]
[They will get gunned?]
[Until they done?]
[Body's in mud?]
[Faces in pund?]
Do it for fun
[N***a Begin..]
[But I really wanna go and murder and the pain will be done when you come to the dark side?]
Posted up in the cut, holding on to my nuts, [fill 'em up?] watching all of those marks die
So I'm a keep [shopping?], cause I’m the Green Goblin hit 'em up only bitches should stop
[heat em up inside?] pull up with the automatic, you don't really want the static, so kick rocks

[Tell me who I've been repping n***a I could sin 'em?]
If you really want to get 'em, I'm a n***a that will split 'em
But I'm independant, generals to lieutenants [fall into my camp you get damned from the venom?]
Hit 'em with ultimate warrior visions, and [sentences that'll refuse you membership?]
[Rigorfit eminent?] n***as be wolfing, but I just be gropin' their kids and shit
I'm hot, Smokey the bear couldn't put me out, look at their face when they here me flow
Hit 'em with some of that kill 'em up shit when I circle around them like Cherrios
On Euclid [and imperial?] [with a type of offense in my order?]
And it really don't get sicker than this shit n***a this is what the fuck off of the border
And motherfuckers come up shorter, get affiliated with a spider in the night, fuck the hype
I got n***as that come through, [Hide if you wanna off the Henn?] tuck them in nighty-night
Daddy put up a good fight he [gon' be wolfin?] because I say he can
So much artillery looking like Mr T. straight out the A-Team van
Speedy Gonzales couldn't catch me, because a motherfucker get you running like a roadrunner
[Running with the forty five coming to get you done with n***as?] and then I leave 'em in a cold slumber
I don't go dumber, [I go outside the head with the noodle knock?]
Back on your block with the Glock [watch how fast n***as pop?] you better be kickin' rocks