Twisted Insane
Scary Slaughter
[Verse 1]
Nighttime sh*t, different sh*t, f**k your couch n***a that ignorant sh*t
Gibberish sh*t? come to your house in the night with a bullet delivering sh*t
I'm sick of this sh*t, but I always stay ready, so I keep machetes like I was on Jason
Halloween, Edward Gein, Elm Street, Crystal Laking
[ready the roots to go bait him?] I'mma fry everyone like they was bacon
Take 'em, and rape em, then scrap em off the street at night; they think I'm Satan
But I'm really just a motherf**ker who likes to get high at night
Cut them and hang 'em up over the bridge then watch them die at night
Murder is a lovely sight, in fact, I love it when the sh*t is close range
Grab 'em and, stab 'em and run up his face with cocaine
Look, I really hate to be one to brush you off, but a motherf**ker really got a problem
I came here from hell, but I don't know where I was going
Put em in the pot then cook and pop 'em mix ready like I was on Dahmer sh*t
24/7 I'm effed the f**k up, but they all want me on some calmer sh*t
The wickedest witch, and I am not talking about Harry Potter
Walking death, nighttime, moonlight, scary slaughter


Night stick
I will get
Deep in you brain with the ice-a-pick
Mind if it, split your wrist
Excuse me if [Imma slur I'm-a-blitzed]
One in your chest, One in your brain
Won't be catch you disrespecting my name
For people that's acting too funny, I'm going up over the hill with the [caine?]
Or I'm the..

[Verse 2]
"Mayday, mayday, somebody is in here stabbing my husband"
That's what she said 'fore I cut off his head then I listened to her tell me how much she loved him
Told her pick up his head hold it straight just so I could take pictures of him
N***as be rapping and singing the same sh*t over and over because they have no substance
Fill em up [with death on the tape?][could have been bigger better come from the dungeon?]
Nightmares, rigor mortis, dark days, body crunching
Circ*mstances, certain situations have me on one
With the long gun ready to bust from the hip 'till they all done
Take 'em right up out the game every time a n***a pull up, and I'm bustin' with the pistol
I was only wondering about some kind of issue, now a n***a walking with a bullet in his tissue
Yeah, aight put him in the trunk with the rest of these n***as that's wolfin'
Tattle-tales, f**king rats, dirty snitches all get took and
Give them tons of a**-whoppins, look at how all them n***as are shooken
It made my f**king day to see them n***as all ready to get up and start booking
The Wickedest witch in the west, and I am not talking about Harry Potter
The phenom, the [hemon?], the demon, scary slaughter


I'm off that sh*t and I just can't explain
The way that I just split her brain
That scary slaughter
I've been ripping her face with this dull razorblade
Fill her wounds with cocaine
It's that slaughter

[Verse 3 Redro Kill]

I'm patiently watching you die slow
[Im mom in?] mixed with the hydro
I've been advised to eat you alive oh
Eating your face has been my goal
Sick in the brain since I've been alive
I want you to die so me and this knife
Will paint a picture with your blood tonight
Brainsick, squad up, they don't wanna let us all bust
They be [knowing?] we can spit sh*t
So she gon' have ta let us all f**k that
Scary Slaughter
Name [izervene mishguts?] [Wiggle with a hard d**k?] so this dead b*t*h finna get f**k that
Scary Slaughter
She's bleedin', and screamin', I'm searching for reasons
To keep her I need her to love her, but f**k it I rather just [sin and Jesus is at?]