Twisted Insane
Bat Outta Hell
Yeah, Brainsick
(Reversed talk)

[Verse 1]
Bat outta hell
Bat outta hell
Face of a demon and I'm fire breathin' leave 'em tagging an L
Mask on my face like monster n***a no Halloween trick
Knife in my hands Mike Myers n***a no Halloween sh*t
I'm in a stolen Regal with no gas in it
And a body in the trunk from the night before
Drunk and stuck, throwing up, but it sure as f**k ain't my first rodeo
I had the Babylon on my a**
They got a place for a n***a in the backseat
I think it's time for me to just smash
It's when a n***a got you running like a track meet
Hopping fences, this suspense is, killing me I really don't wanna be in a pickle
I'd rather be posted up in the crib with hella weed but now I'm running from ballistics end up burning like a missile
Sh*t I could turn into a phantom on 'em, blend to the night like I was chameleon
I'm underground like a basement ghost, but at the same time higher than a ceilin'
F**k your feelings, you're talking to the same n***a who used to be scared of the dark
As a little kid, that was my worst f**king fear like air is to a shark
You're f**king with a werewolf don't nobody care when you bark
Fill them with the rage throw 'em in the cage with the Brainsick, tear you apart

These eyes do not see what you and I see
Behind these eyes one finds only blackness the absence of light

I am like a bat up out of hell x4
Imma let them have it when I'm busting through the ma**es like a fully automatic x4

[Verse 2]
People looking at me funny, never take me for a dummy
Even though a n***a sinnin', while I'm drinkin' on my gin
And puffing on the weed again
I'm the realest you pretend it, better believe that I be winnin'
Mind of a murderer happen to hurt 'em
Put 'em in perpendicular body positions up in your furniture
Playin' like it's a tournament fill ‘em up with the voice of a curse, then put n***as up in the fire that's why I'm burnin' 'em
It's Twisted Insane what the f**k you mean you haven't heard of him
You must of been high on shrooms, or living on the moon, or only into bullsh*t rap that be on the radio and I am way too goon
F**k you all, see you leave the show too soon, how the f**k you finna dip when I'm the monster in the dark?
F**k your life, cut with knife, I made incision on your brain like I was Dr. Heart
With the homies, or by myself, you catch a n***a on the solo when I'm with the sh*t
Claim you pimp, makes me sick, how these n***as acting funny when they wit' they b*t*h
You can't roll one with the homies, you can't hang around the studio all f**king night
You can't hit the club, you can't stick with thugs, and I can't go into your house past f**king light
They say I'm evil, but I'm just living on the dark side of the force, my n***a
Anybody wants to go against a motherf**ker I will kill and I will say I'm forced by liquor
Nice and easy, Nice and greasy, like a b*t*h who getting f**ked with no Vaseline
I took match that I found up in the back then I looked in your face I spit it with the gasoline

Yeah, Brrrain