Twisted Insane
Hyphy Choppin (Twisted Insane Verse)
Hit 'em with a Reese's Pieces
But I like 'em on a corner
But never gonna fuck I wanna eat their nieces
Then I wanna run up with a sick unleashes
9 times out of 10 they got heebie jeebies
Run up in the middle with a Swisher Sweet
They gon' get blown when I hit the weed
I hate n***as that be lookin' at me funny
When I'm fuckin' with their money
I'ma turn 'em into a million pieces
They don't really wanna with a n***a that be choppin' everybody
In the middle of the night time shit
Wait who is this n***a?!
Twisted Insane!
I think I'ma get a tattoo of this n***a!
Hit 'em with venom when I get up in 'em
I told everybody that I would be winnin'
I coulda been off of them when and
I coulda been shooting a face when a n***a was grinnin'
Fuck! I'm losing it!
Put 'em in the bathroom, where they're tied up
Where the anti's fried up, fuck a n***a's brains
I shoot 'em in the face and the bitch tied up
They don't wanna really get fried up
But I really wanna fuck a knee
I got the fuck a fee
To throw it right at the freezer
Just so I could keep it for a couple weeks
Now take em and I put em and I murder with a voodoo anybody really wanna come and eat this bitch?
Put 'em in a bucket of chicken
Finger lickin' wit the seasonin'
And reheat this shit
Grip this bitch with a pistol grip
And then eat this shit (shhh)
I ease back and squeeze back and delete this bitch