Twisted Insane
Earth for Myself (Pt. 3)
[Verse 1: Yung Statz]

I’ll get on the beat with rifles to take your life slow; I got the nitro, you can see that I’m hype bro
I got a tight flow can’t you sense my time yo, the Earth is mine and I’m destroying it so blow
You really can’t f**k with some sh*t like this sh*t, you wanna hit the sickness then imma show you some sick sh*t
This that 666 sh*t, you wanna meet the last demon, come see Twisted will give you all the business
Since 10th grade I always did that sh*t that paid, shoutout to Brainsick for f**king with me I get paid, i got it made
So they will have maids, everybody gotta have ways when you’re doing the sh*t because you really can’t even be new in this sh*t
The rap games is flooded with all these newbies and sh*t, they blow dubious and quit, they make movies about the sh*t
So what the f**k is wrong with that image plot, after to it take nowadays because if you [press square?]
I gotta stop and stare, look at the plotting snare but it got me here, I’m just doing my best so bout to call me here
Wait till we overseas till you see where we at in the next 10 years, you won’t be here you probably won’t even be near
What’s gotten to me, I’m running this sh*t and it’s crystal clear, so pack a pistol for issues I hope to come get you cause I’m bout to split you
I never feel you, I do not know the real you, sh*t’s getting real dude, the homie D-Spillz will come with everyone to spill you
And you know I will too, we will all kill you, in this Earth for Myself for my Fampires that gon give it to em

[Verse 2: Cynical]

[Verse 3: D-Spillz]

[Verse 4: JC Blu]

[Verse 5: HOUSE]

[Verse 6: Mister Hyde]
I got the whole wide world in the palm of my motherf**kin' hand
The way it stands, they don't have to understand
It's the way that i am, don't give a damn what you think
You should of seen this sh*t coming like you were planned to get hit
Mark it off of the calender, happy holidays!
Sit in amazement, with the picture we paintin'
All together on the canvas, we all over America
With the number of characters, b*t*h starin'
We airing ya' and wearin' ya'
And we're in ya' area
Catch a plane if we (?) ya'
In ya face with the (?)
Matter of fact, (?) You aren't prepared for this
(?) Scared to death, i'ma bury ya'
Like you die from malaria, dude (?)
You ain't matching my stamina
Someone (?) and i'm slamming 'em
Like they (?) I banish 'em!
Don't worry (?)
And i'm 'bout to get it poppin', you can catch it on camera

[Hook: Nikkita]

[Verse 7: Playz]

[Verse 8: YDMC]

[Verse 9: RC Tha Hazard]

[Verse 10: Arkatec]

This world is mine for the taking
F**king with the Ark I’ll leave you vacant, you ain’t matter
Me and you will never be adjacent
And you finna get offended by the way I leave your brain matter stained on the pavement
You fake and the veins scatter, roll over the place now your fragrance is hate that'll
Put you in a grave when I pull and rush a sword, decapitate you all when you screamin out, hey batter
Never wanna get up in the way when I slay faggots
Drag em down to hell when I leave in oblivion
I control the round that you’re facing and gain status, of a living legend who’s f**king with me- really none
Flames i've already brung, aim at your petty lungs
Brace for your fate, you be vaping cause anyone
Tryna make a statement, we’ll pay with your life cuz a fully loaded chamber raised, why does everyone
Say that I’ve been illuminated from the dark sky
I am just a messenger and pain is what I’ve archived
I’ve seen it all, my place of worship in my heart lies
I will never bow before an idol that’s when art dies
When I’m bustin motherf**kers they refer to I
As a different kind of caliber that's cursin, why?
You don’t really want it when I merge your spine
With a semi-automatic you can squirm and die
You can burn in fire when i purge cause I’m
Feeling motivated when it’s murder time
Killing every individual that surges high, to divert to Christ and the world is mine
[Verse 11: Eradicate]

They say “Eradicate’s that demon when you look into the mirror,“ can’t remember that you’re f**king with a demon, talking
Imma get a motherf**ker like he’s rock soft, pop tops off, anybody come around you get sprayed like you’re Lysol
I be licking on that pu**y like it’s motherf**king licorice, sticking my d**k up in that b*t*h till I ain’t f**king living, sh*t
Cause I promise y'all don’t really f**king want it when i bust up on the corner with the chopper cause they ain’t no stopping sh*t
Earth for myself, did it right by myself, since a little f**king kid I ain’t never got no help
But I’m coming up in that b*t*h I’m bout to give y'all a chalk line, f**k the TSA I bring my gun on the airline
Hijack the plane I’m bringing it right to your house boy, park it up in the grave yard, burn em with aluminum alloy
I’m talking about the Devil, bringing em to the bottom level when I get up on the pedal boy there ain’t no stopping me
Shooting blood vessel when I whip em with the pistol boy, ask your f**king b*t*h if my d**k is still a issue. When I’m popping up on the pu**y she ain’t never gon miss you
I’m bout to call Brainsick, b*t*h And make it official
Swear ain’t nobody really f**king with that Beast Mode Division, any motherf**ker banging better sit down and listen
Pu**y faggot b*t*h, you can get dumped on like a dump truck, in the Southside, boy you can run up any day and see how we ride
I’m Eradicate, that motherf**king pit master, molded in the dark with no heart with no answer
Throw em in the bushes ain’t nobody f**king looking, thinking about my life and a wife, I’m so stupid
How in the f**k is this b*t*h still moving, sh*t I might as well eat her pu**y, start chewing
About to head to my old school start shooting, DIY, till I die, b*t*h I stay booming

[Verse 12: Twistid Rob]

[Verse 13: Twisted Insane]

The earth is mine, put it in the palm of my hand, then walk up to a muthaf**ka talkin' ‘bout a b*t*h I had blended, I could be f**ked and covered in duck skin and get stranded, if you really wanna go to war, get the millimeter and hit 'em like a rabbit, goddamnit! Ain’t nobody on my level when I be shootin’ ‘em like a devil, I’m too sick for my own good, n***a, that’s real talk, bang bang bang, hit 'em in their brains, shoot 'em near the sidewalk, I shoot n***as in the face and look at brains on the dry wall. Murder, how can they be on my earth when I bust through this verse? Holla! Things I bust through a n***a’s brain is work, n***as don’t wanna meet me 'cause I’ll put their bodies in the desert, then run up in a b*t*h’s pu**y, shoot a bullet in it, and see how much that sh*t’s worth. Puma, tip homie: don’t trip out, I’m so brained out, I might come in your room while you’re sleepin’ and blow your brains out, don’t ever take my route, I be on the highway triple 6 holdin' my d**k with my b*t*h and my thang out. It coulda been nice to meet you, but goddamn, I’m out though, you ain’t gotta say a word especially with your mouth open, I’m up in hell, so I might as well send a b*t*h up for the torture ‘til I come back with the sh*t that I’m in doubt for. I put their body in the trunk, there’s no other way, then have 'em go ahead and give it to me, speakin’ of a n***a, I start to spit at the minute, cut the b*t*hes up and see how they think of it. This is my earth, f**k the whole world, I just had to squirt it in your own girl, you been drinkin' too much fool, get offa the brew, and hit the toilet, b*t*h go oral. I’m brainsick and I’m lovin' it, got the planet in my hand, damn, I’m the man, sh*t, said you was gon' takeover, though you was gon' do it, but when it came to it, you can’t flick it like, damn

[Verse 14: Yung Statz]

These motherf**kers would’ve never thought I’d be charging that much foolish a cost, and if you feel I shouldn’t be charging for verses then you can f**k off
You mad because your b*t*h been sucking me off and I’m bout to chop it on your a** so you ain’t proving me wrong, sh*t
The homies all stay with me, the whole top of Brain will mill who the f**k came to deal with who the f**k came with me
See this sh*t isn’t plain to see, I got this Earth for Myself, mind’s coming down and you will never try to go with it, tame the East, a timber wolf beast
I shapeshift into a vampire, bite you in the neck with my f**king teeth, don’t ever f**k with the Braniacs, especially the ones on the East like Yung Statz of BMD
Shoutout to ISO for making me such a dope a** beat, and everyone who was part on this sh*t on part 1, 2 and 3, you all killed the sh*t
Show em how we came to eat, we came to feast who came for peace, gave em warning they deceased, the murder rate was increased
All because they never sweet, all of us killing no matter how hard you could go on your beat, if you let us, I got this Earth for Myself as we speak
You owe me credit worse too don’t try to come around acting like you brand new or something, because the sh*t ain’t even new
You try f**king with a few, keeping it 100 is what I do, when you see us, you’re a fool and I’m a genius, I’m apocalypse
You can not defeat me, because my world ain’t easy, my planet Earth needs me and you can’t beat me