Twisted Insane
You ticklish ho?
Won't you come over here, let me see if you ticklish
Let me play with you for a moment
[Fuck it's huge]

[Verse 1]
It's the...
Sick up in my brain that'll make you wonder
Leavin the pussy [leakin?] between the sheets that I put you under
[Up in the greet?] when you in your slumber
[Pulled?] the fuck up
A couple of nights and I gots the number
Then up in her guts
And I met that bitch on the same day...
And I done fucked a gang of bitches in the same way
Walkin up in the bedroom [and since lit?], my dick will definitely, I'll make your pussy bleed bitch
[The BOY, BOI, BOU, and K aye?]
Finna get up inside you and I ride you until you say "hey"
Finna get that pussy drippin...
Just like Niagra Falls drippin and I can tell by the way she suck, this bitch is used to ball lickin
You act like you ain't never saw chickens
Fuckin in alley ways, and leavin em all stricken
And the pussy's gettin steamed up
My pockets is gettin creamed up
And livin it up because I'm greened up...
Are you ticklish?
[Female moaning]
[Fuck my ass]
[Ugh, it's gonna be a bulldozer]
[Oh my God]
Are you ticklish?
[More moaning]
[Fuck it's huge]
Are you ticklish?

[Verse 2]
Is what I asked that bitch
And who know better to ask that shit before she pass that shit
Some n***as is trippin, fo' the bitch get sick and wanna smash ya dick
But a n***a like this'll tell that bitch to bring the cash back, quick
And baby I will seduce ya
Bring you up in the room so you can pussy fuck the [ruther?]
Knowin all types of dick ran through ya but I'm still strapped
Cuz I fucked half of the bitches in the [?]
Get to strippin, stick my dick in, pull it out and slap yo clit, you suck my feet and suck my dick biyatch
You as my witness, made you nut up out your butt, and if you [?] I am the shit biyatch
I'm Twisted Insane biytach
They call me the new Rick James biyatch
If [Biggy?] fucked all these hoes, then why can't I?
Cuz I got [?] motivation and I'm that...
Ya know what I'm sayin, it's just because a n***a wanna know some things about you
Ya know what I'm sayin, that's really all
N***a wanna get to know you, ya know what sayin, a little bit better, ya know what I'm sayin, maybe you and me could be a team, ya know what I'm sayin?
And we can be a muhfuckin team, but but we can't be a team if you ain't about that green, ya know what I'm sayin?
Bitch is lookin at my dick like [?] ya know what I'm sayin?
[MORE female moaning...]