Twisted Insane
You ticklish ho?
Won't you come over here, let me see if you ticklish
Let me play with you for a moment
[F**k it's huge]

[Verse 1]
It's the...
Sick up in my brain that'll make you wonder
Leavin the pu**y [leakin?] between the sheets that I put you under
[Up in the greet?] when you in your slumber
[Pulled?] the f**k up
A couple of nights and I gots the number
Then up in her guts
And I met that b*t*h on the same day...
And I done f**ked a gang of b*t*hes in the same way
Walkin up in the bedroom [and since lit?], my d**k will definitely, I'll make your pu**y bleed b*t*h
[The BOY, BOI, BOU, and K aye?]
Finna get up inside you and I ride you until you say "hey"
Finna get that pu**y drippin...
Just like Niagra Falls drippin and I can tell by the way she suck, this b*t*h is used to ball lickin
You act like you ain't never saw chickens
F**kin in alley ways, and leavin em all stricken
And the pu**y's gettin steamed up
My pockets is gettin creamed up
And livin it up because I'm greened up...

Are you ticklish?
[Female moaning]
[F**k my a**]
[Ugh, it's gonna be a bulldozer]
[Oh my God]
Are you ticklish?
[More moaning]
[F**k it's huge]
Are you ticklish?

[Verse 2]
Is what I asked that b*t*h
And who know better to ask that sh*t before she pa** that sh*t
Some n***as is trippin, fo' the b*t*h get sick and wanna smash ya d**k
But a n***a like this'll tell that b*t*h to bring the cash back, quick
And baby I will seduce ya
Bring you up in the room so you can pu**y f**k the [ruther?]
Knowin all types of d**k ran through ya but I'm still strapped
Cuz I f**ked half of the b*t*hes in the [?]
Get to strippin, stick my d**k in, pull it out and slap yo clit, you suck my feet and suck my d**k biyatch
You as my witness, made you nut up out your b***, and if you [?] I am the sh*t biyatch
I'm Twisted Insane biytach
They call me the new Rick James biyatch
If [Biggy?] f**ked all these hoes, then why can't I?
Cuz I got [?] motivation and I'm that...
Ya know what I'm sayin, it's just because a n***a wanna know some things about you
Ya know what I'm sayin, that's really all
N***a wanna get to know you, ya know what sayin, a little bit better, ya know what I'm sayin, maybe you and me could be a team, ya know what I'm sayin?
And we can be a muhf**kin team, but but we can't be a team if you ain't about that green, ya know what I'm sayin?
B*t*h is lookin at my d**k like [?] ya know what I'm sayin?
[MORE female moaning...]