Twisted Insane
Shoot For The Face
Can you muthafuckers even here me?
Can you n***as hear me on this muthafucka, n***a, cuz it seem like for the last ten years ain't nobody been listenin

[Verse 1]
They never told me about these [thieves?] and these bullets I'd be duckin
Just these bitches that be up in my face and the [smokers?] to get to bluffin
N***a, tell me that ain't somethin when you eleven years old...
And all a n***a ever witness is body baggin and toe-taggin toes
It's the monsters in the dark...
That made a n***a the way I am
I'm [on Michael Jackson's thriller?], n***a no time for Sam I Am
Eat up the green eggs n' ham and scram...
Out the back do'
Might hit a [switch knot?] with that bitch and [yo trap ho?]
And I'm that n***a that's out the [deck?] and quick to hit ya
Leave ya froze, body cold, you gets the picture
[?] how to get ya when this slug gets to lettin loose
Pass the heat to the homie and Blood gets to lettin loose
Muthafucka, ain't no SouthEast gang truths
Smashin on n***a with a nine, homeboy fuck a deuce deuce
But if you a real n***a, you gon' [conquer?] what you got...
Back on the block with the Glocks that pop and muthafuckin bodies drop
Shoot for the face
What these muthafuckas don't undastand n***a, is I got heat n***a...
I got muthafuckin heat rockets n***a, I'm a commodity in this muthafuckin game n***a
That's real
[?] mothafucka, don't believe this shit...
Shoot for the face

What you gotta understand n***as, is when you mothafuckers see me in the street n***a, when you see me in the mall doin what I'm doin, don't even trip on me n***a, just know I'm finna get where I wanna be muthafucka!

Why n***as wanna fuck with my kind? [with my kind]
Cuz my kind is crazy [so crazy]
Why mothafuckas still wanna waste my time? [n***as waste my muthafuckin time]
Mothafucka just pay [ya betta pay me]
Just pay me [ya betta pay me]

[Verse 2]
Cause oohh I'm too cool plus I [deuce?] the voodoo
Shootin off for ya face, Twisted Insane, who's you?
I be a muthafuckin regular n***a like [Mitch?] said
And if the ho [sayin she celebrate?], n***a the bitch dead [ha ha!]
Put a bullet in ya braids and gets ghost
Chewin up body parts with syrup like French Toast
And for the most, this shit's whack, I was born to [mate?]
Now all you mothafuckas hang from my sack
But I'm lyin...
Cuz nobody know about me
But how can...
I be ever so sick and none of these n***as know about me?
You got me...
They should've stuck it up in that mothafucka that got me right before that n***a shot me
Shoot for the face
[?] goddamn gifted with this shit n***a
You know what I'm sayin?
I don't even know homie
I don't even know
Practice makes perfect
Shoot for the face
You know what I'm sayin?
And I don't even write shit n***a, I just get in this muthafucka and just spit it homie
[As is?] n***a
You n***as want mo'?
Okay, check it out Imma give you one mo', check it out...

[Verse 3]
I'm a broke ass n***a with no money, yes I speak now
Approach the ho from the do', get out the seat now
Cuz I ain't got no time for games, I'm already playin the game of life
My joystick?
These guns are nice!
[And never?] to be so hype
When I'm like a Pitbull and sick em
Stick em...
And nobody dissin, wishin that he missin
And pissin in the kitchen, and pissin in ya mouth cuz I'm a sick, sick n***a with the big dick [schnow?]
Well pow wow, my shit's ever so sickening
And these [?] streets is thickening
But I'm on some money the most cuz I'm broke
I need some ends to spend, that's no joke
And scramblin n***as like they yolks
But some of these muthafuckas is too strong on they own dope
And happen to get they life erased
Whole murder case, one tough taste, now who's the [base?]
Shoot for the face...