Twisted Insane
The Initial High (Shoot For The Face)
[Mob chants]
[Now who am I?]

Doctor- "I'll take your questions."
Man 1- "Is it a virus?"
Doctor- "We don't know."
Woman- "How does it spread? Is it airborne?"
Doctor- "Airborne is a possibility... We don't know."
Man 1- "Is this any international health hazard or a military concern?"
Doctor- "Both."
Woman- "Are these people alive or dead?"
Man 1- "Hold her back!"
Man 2- "Jesus!"
Doctor- "We don't know..."

Shootin, muthaf**ka's shootin, ya know
Where my weed at?
Somebody got this mothaf**ka nervous
I need this mutherf**kin weed n***a
There we go
[Roll this sh*t n***a?]
Got my motherf**kin lighter, got my keys, I'm out this motherf**ka
[Lighter clicks, lights blunt]
[Puffs, exhales]
That's why I got my heat with me cuz...
N***as be trippin
[Make sure?]
Make sure I shoot for the face
Ah sh*t...
N***as is shootin and sh*t
[?] hit n***a
Ah dayum...
Ah f**k...
F**k these n***as
I'll kill these muthaf**kas, I'm about to shoot these n***as in the motherf**kin face n***a...