Twisted Insane
Stompin In My Chuck T’s
Girl- "Are you sick?"
Man- "Why do you ask?"
Girl- "You look sick."
Man- "I am sick."
Girl- "You take medicine?"
Man- "There is no medicine for what I have."

[A bunch of mumbling]

[Verse 1: Twisted Insane]
Bustin a slug, got your cranium split
Dumpin em at your water melon, leavin a n***a f**ked up while his a** runnin like a felon
It ain't no game, [?] name Insane, I'm dumpin em at your f**kin brain, never smokin that cocaine
I like to smoke the green
And off of the bomb weed, [to?] have you f**ked, walkin around, [stuck?] like zombies
N***a, cane ya, f**k around when I dump and n***a cane ya, f**kin around when I squeeze [a masport pump?]
I ain't no jump n***a
I likes to smoke n***as, leavin a n***a f**ked up [for smokin on my roast n***a]
It's the way that I approach n***as
That make em a nervous wreck
But I hit what I'm smokin on n***a...
To keep your nerves in check
I'm dumpin away at the stomach, havin ya vomit, mucus, loogies
Suck on tampons, that's why these b*t*hes think I'm Screwy Lewy
I likes to f**k ho's booty
Yours truly, Frankenstein
Diggin up in your beef curtains, till you bleedin from behind and I'm...

[Chorus: Twisted Insane]
Stompin in my Chuck T's
[Mmmm, mmmm, yeah]
Stompin in my Chuck T's
[N***a, this motherf**ker n***a, tryna get my sh*t prepared n***a]
Stompin in my Chuck T's
[Every motherf**kin day n***a, I be stompin in these mothaf**kas, n***a]
Stompin in my Chuck T's
[It ain't no game homie, it ain't no game homie, let em know]
Stompin in my Chuck T's...

[Verse 2: Guaran T]
Makin somethin outta nothin, ya gotta know...
Know when to hold em, when to fold em and...
Know when to bluff em if you show...
If you show a n***a's weapon at ya feet then you know you gotta dump em
I track and [packaged this?] heat for streets so you know you gotta bump em
Any [wha]
[And your?] motherf**ker think she's sweet, keep holdin that a**umption
But not too long, [?]
[She's a ho]
Oh yeah, so b*t*h [?] think she somethin [tell that b*t*h]
If it ain't daily, it ain't maybe, it ain't nothin [from the staple to the table]
N***as wanna wage war and threaten, it's hot in this kitchen, but see I ain't sweatin
There's pockets in this kitchen, but few can [shev?] it
That I jack their lyrics and few contest, [said?] I jacks their lyrics
If you got that game [?] n***a run wit it
I got somethin your monkey a** won't n***a, come get it
You kept tyrna to do that, n***a, I've done did it
Get that wig split
Stompin in my Chuck T's
[What these muhf**kas don't understand n***a, a n***a is...]
Stompin in my Chuck T's
[We'll mash on you homie, ya understand what I'm sayin, we'll f**k you up n***a...]
Stompin in my Chuck T's
[Leave you bleeedin n***a, no remorse, no remorse when we bust, no remorse when we bust]
Stompin in my Chuck T's
[San Diego California ridas n***a]
Stompin in my Chuck T's...

[Verse 3: Twisted Insane]
Bustin at n***as with the [heat to rock a?]
Knockin em off they pedestal, my sh*t is sick
Leavin yo nuts cooked like vegetables
Hopin up ovah the gate gate with the AK
Leavin that n***a's wife screamin: "MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY!"
That's what you say [when I was cold and?] on the night train
F**kin em up
Eat bloody duck like [Chinese main!]
And you really do not wanna...
Run up on the real monster
[?] like I'm Chewbacca, stickin the d**k up in they [c*cka?]
Creepin through the dark
With a mini Mac-10, [the straps?] galore
You think you packin heat...
But n***a, I'm packin more
Cuz I'm the one that's on the run up on n***as and hit em [with metal?]
[Gun?] they feet and put it on griddle
Watch a n***a while I play the fiddle
I've got a f**kin riddle...
For the one to ask the question
He was a man...
But that night, he felt like an adolescent
Cuz n***as get they brains split off in the brainsick
Quit talkin ya raggedy b*t*h and just pay this
And I was...
Stompin in my Chuck T's
[Mmmm, mmmm, yeah]
Stompin in my Chuck T's
[N***a we do this muthaf**kin sh*t everyday n***a, daily]
Stompin in my Chuck T's
[Stompin in my muthaf**kin green Chuck T's n***a!]
Stompin in my Chuck T's
[It ain't no... It ain't no game n***a, let em know]
Stompin in my Chuck T's...